Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone

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I have been asked many many many times from my readers that please publish an article with the best apps list which are useful and playful for Android Phones.

So I did some research and I am listing down some of the must have apps for your Android phone and I have tested them myself so I can tell you that you can use them in yours too.


1. Adobe Reader : It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a famous PDF reader. Same as we in our computers.

2. Advanced Task Killer: It’s one of the best phone utility. It allows you to kill running apps. It will save your phone from getting hanged and will also create free RAM for your phone.

3. Firefox: It is a well know and famous browser all over the world. But many android phones have issues with installing this app. So if you are one of them then I will recommend you to install UC Web Browser, it is as good as Firefox too.

4. GPS Mobile Tracker: Now I am one of the fan of GPS and also it’s very very useful. Basically, it records your location and display the recorded route on a map.

5. Panecal: It’s a scientific calculator and I can assure you it will help you in your daily life.

6. Record My Call: It is really useful sometimes. Basically, it used to record calls. It can be used as security purpose as well.

7. Tape-a-talk: It is very useful for those who loves to record audio. So, if you are one of them, go ahead and give a try.

8. ZAchiever: Trust me you cannot live without this app. It’s an archive manager (rar,zip,tar etc. )

9. WhatsApp & Skype:  Both the apps are best for IM. I think everyone is familiar with this and I don’t need to explain anything about them.

10. Evernote: If you love to write every special moment in your life, then this app is for you. Write and save all the precious moment as well as important reminders in your phone.

So, these are the top 10 in my list. I will soon post about top games you must have in your android phones.

Till then, keep rocking ! 🙂


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