Which iPhone Best Suits You – iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Which iPhone best suits your technical requirements and satisfies inner instincts – iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple Inc. Reveals Bigger-Screen iPhones Alongside Wearables

Apple has recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 ‘Plus’ phones into the market which has broken all the previous records of pre-booking and purchases. If you are attracted towards the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung galaxy S5 phones, you will find these Apple phones quite price-worthy, excellent and genuine to your expectations. Of course, both of these phones might not have got the price split or major difference in the consumer buying power like iPhone 5C and 5S but these gadgets can be easily included in the top-tier category which will never compromise with quality and functionality.

If you are ready to buy a new phone, you will be a little confused about which one is the best to buy for the first time – either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus! It is needless to say that display matters a lot in such a buying selection and it is bigger in the Plus version but it does not mean that normal phone version is lesser in features and functions to be rejected. You will have to go deeper, find the technical descriptions, features and comparative study to get the best phone you have ever dreamt of!

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Comparative Review

Here’s an interesting point of view on iOS vs Android


As far as the matter of screen size is concerned, iPhone 6 Plus will offer you a much larger 5.5 inch display as compared to iPhone 6 4.7 inch which can make you inclined towards the Plus version. However, the technology for the display for both of these phones hardly differs as they make use of the IPS screens whose fronts have been toughened by ions. In Plus, you will find higher screen resolution along with the pixel density, 400 ppi and 1080p resolution which has been restricted to 326 ppi in iPhone 6. It should be noted here that the software developers and app makers will have to remove the tweaks and errors in software scaling for these phones which consumers will love to feel and see in the near future. iPhone 6 Plus comes packed with landscape optimization feature whereas the normal version will offer you Retina HD LCD with ‘1334 into 750’ resolution.


In this segment, you will see a new flavor with departed edges and entry of curves in iPhone designs. Yes, both of these excellent phones come in dark or light silver and gold whereas the body has been made of aluminum to boast of extreme slim nature. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus weigh around 129 grams and 172 grams along with thickness of 6.8 mm and 7.1 mm, respectively which bring them to the era of modern and innovative designs.

Phone software

As on the iPhone 5S and 5C, same phone software iOS 8 will be available in both of these fantastic phones. Intuition and advanced mix of Android-like features have been added to the phones that will be loved by the consumers. You should now feel free to work in the new and classic notification center, access the third-party apps and use widgets which are always loved by you. With such additions into software elegance, you are about to enter into new age of home automation and health in the next few years.


This section might disappoint a few innovation-loving consumers because not much has been done to attract iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions if you have already used the previous 5S version of iPhone. Both of these current brother phones will provide you with nearly camera features and specifications that come equipped with f2.2 aperture, dual tone flash, 1.5 micron sensor pixels, 8 MP camera, phase detection, dual-LED flash & 1/3.06 inch sensor however; you will find redesigned sensor.

Among these features, you will surely get inclined towards the phase detection hardware feature which is new to many people because it is quite different and effective than normal-mobile camera features of contrast detection.

One of the amazing features which you will find here in the iPhone 6 Plus is Optical Image Stabilization or OIS which has been replaced with simple software stabilization in the smaller phone, iPhone 6.

Storage options

Similar to the previous phone versions offered by Apple, these two phones will not offer you any support for the expandable memory or SD card slot. Of course, the company has tried its best to provide new consumers with raised-storage margin in these phones which come to the utmost 128 GB apart from which you will also find these mobile phones in 16 GB and 64 GB. Of course, you will have to cough up plenty of bucks to get higher storage iPhone options but 32 GB alternative is now missing. No one knows, why?


You will be surely mesmerized with the increased CPU and GPU performances offered by Apple in these phones because it will come packed with M8 co-processor and Apple A8 processor which is nothing but a 1.4 GHz 64-bit dual-core A8 CPU. Well, you should never consider this as hiccup because higher screen resolutions will never compromise with quality and functionality although both brother iPhone versions have got the same CPU specifications. It is quite better than the previous A7 processor because you will find and feel improved CPU (20% up) and GPU (50%) performances with A8.

M8 co-processor has been also included in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 ‘Plus’ for the purpose of motion tracking through compass, fresh barometer, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Battery performance and life

Although Apple has always been seen interested in improving the life and performance of device batteries, iPhone 6 has witnessed a slight improvement in this section. However, iPhone 6 Plus has been easily brought to the realm of heavy Android sets such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2. The normal version of iPhone gives you the benefit of playing videos or browsing internet for 11 hours with its 1810 mAh battery.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus is likely to give you 12 hours of internet browsing and 14 hours of video playing as it comes packed with 2915 mAh battery. Since it would have to supply power to a larger screen, Apple has really managed well between the battery specifications and phone slimness.


Should you buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 ‘Plus’ – this question will be answered only if you have considered several interesting features and handling parameters. Of course, with greater display space and enhanced battery life, you will find the Plus version more optimistic, effective and functional but it better to not outweigh other parameters such as budget, hand size, one-handed or two-handed mobile operations and of course; the size of your pocket.

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