How to tell if your Android phone has spyware

The Android phones have become common in use, maximum number of people use these android phones because it provides us a better amount of connectivity and use as compared to the normal cell phone. People all around the world are using this android phone to stay in touch with their loved once at all times. Communication and connection is not the limit of these smart phones, moreover these smart phones provide all the entertainment features which you would hardly get in any other device. It has turned out to be a part and parcel of a person’s life.


These android devices have become so important that people generally save all there important and personal data on these devices. But with the increase in the technology of these android phones these have itself becomes an open database of a large amount of people. Everyone is using their smart phone and android devices to store their personal and official data which is open to the hacking world. Hackers from around the world look for these types of unprotected data and unsecured data which can be collected from the android devices. But we can protect our android from the spywares if we predict and know their presence.

Thing to consider about your Android Phone:

One of the first signals of having an infected smart phone is the change in the behavior and working of the smart phone feature. The sudden and the damaged working of the smart phone is the first signal that it is not working in the right way and is been infected by the spywares. Let us see some of the changes that the android phones shows when it is infected by any of the spywares and malicious files.

  1. Battery Draining:

If in case your battery is new or well in condition but still it is losing all its power faster than normal then you must be alert and check your phone thoroughly. Generally when someone is into your mobile and spying your data then your phones battery will suddenly start losing its power at a very fast rate. This is because when some is into your mobile with a spyware then this modern program of spywares consumes a lot of power for working and hence your phone’s battery starts to drain at a fast rate.

  1. Strange background noise and Unwanted shutdown and restart:

When your phone is infected then it will sometimes make unwanted wired noises and also it will start shutting down when your are working on the device, this happens when the spyware is again and again trying to transfer your data but the software resists and this conflict causes heavy damage to the phone’s working and all these problems arises.

  1. Receiving strange and unwanted text SMS:

If you are getting some strange SMS on regular basis then this is a strong signal that someone is trying to activate some type of spyware into your phone’s system and trying to take the data. Generally these kings of messages are unspecified words, symbols, and figures which are actually a certain type of commands which the spyware uses to get into the system of the android phone.

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