How to Check Airtel Balance and know your Airtel Number?

Airtel is one such market leader which has been in authority in the telecom sector for many years. Throughout these active years of service through data plan, internet plans, cable connection, and various other propagandas, it has ranked an eminent stature in the telecom market indeed. But since there is no death of competitors like Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and many more, they have to keep up their pace to match the increasing demand of users every day.

In regard of those servitude terms, Airtel provides many services which can be had with typing certain codes on your phone. Most of the codes for various services like knowing the data plan, balance, knowing the SIM no, IMEI no, etc are not fully known to many users. Thus the article will serve the exact purpose to imbibe the codes and ways to enjoy the services Airtel offers directly through your phone. The main zone of our discussion will be confined to balance checking, and recovering the Airtel SIM number.

Keep reading to know the ways in as simple way as possible.

#1: How to know your Airtel Balance

Checking your phone balance is something that you do so often at a rate of constancy everyday that you may not have noticed yourself. Like every time you are about to place a call, you often check your phone balance to make sure that you can start with your conversation without any interruption. Now many a times people forget the exact code to fetch the information on device screen, and this is what we are going to enlist here through small tutorial in addition to help you out better:

Step 1. First turn on Phone if it is switched off, or go to the home screen if you are currently working on something.

Step 2. Click on your Dialer icon to open up the phone dialer in case you have a touch screen. If you possess you simple phone with keypad as a part of it, there is no need to worry about it.

Step 3. In the dialer field, type the following list of codes to check out your phone balance:





You can use any of those codes from the list to check out your phone balance. They all are functional. If some of the codes do not give the right output, then it must be some cross-compatibility issue of your device with the system that the service providers and technicians are still working on.

#2: How to check the Airtel SIM Number

When you get a registered number, you usually happen to save number from others, rather than giving yours. Even if you intend to give your number, you simply give a phone call to the client number to provide her/him with your number detail. In that process of sharing your number detail, you often slip to oblivion of your own phone number. Isn’t it? Hardly any of us can remember our very own number if we have not used it in terms sharing in a reasonable period of time. Thus you must be aware of a code which on being typed can at least display your very own number. Follow the steps to pull it off:

Step 1. Open your dialer and type the following code:



Step 2. Both the codes are valid, and you can use any of them according to your preference of code length.


The following article might seem to be of menial task, but holds great importance and necessity in times of importunate periods. Even if the codes appear to be very simple to remember; yet you will forget them if you don’t put them to use on a repeated basis. Thus it is better to save the codes to a safer place or to store it on your very phone, so that you can use it anytime without the need of remembering it.

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