How to Stop Google from Tracking your Location?


If any case you still think that Google cannot track your location once you have turned off the Location History feature on your Android iPhone or any other devices which has been associated with Google algorithm, then you are wrong, and know it for certain. When you access Google maps, or any other apps that Google has control over all the companies which have got access to your location stamp mark, you location cannot be concealed for Google can trace it out from any server you have used even for once. Though it is quite rumored that by turning off the Location History feature found on Android and within Google Maps, the protocol can be terminated, but it only myth. According to the latest AP investigation, the turning off of the Location History facility can only cease Google from creating a timeline of your location that you are able to see, but in reality the tracking mechanism is still very much active.

It’s not as if there is no permanent solution to this issue, but you need to do some digging. Here we have already done the job and is simply presenting you the ways to carry it out. Follow the methods instructions as accurately as given and you will be able to stop Google from tracing your location.

Method #1: On Android Devices

 Android devices are more common to subjective tracking as you carry it all around and use it all the time, which gives Google a blazing opportunity to hunt you down wherever you go. How to stop it? Well follow the guidance below:

Step 1. First of all go to “Settings” app of your Android device.

Step 2. Under the “Google” settings, tap on “Google” account.

Step 3. Press the “Data and Personalization” tab and then select “Web and App Activity”.

Step 4. Here simply toggle the “Web and App Activity” option off.

Step 5. Next scroll down to and toggle the “Location History” off and that’s it.

It’s all done for now.

Method #2: In a Web Browser (Both Mobile or Desktop)

In this method, we would implement a web browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, Opera Mini, etc. which are majorly used by most of the users. The method is just the same, but need the simple adjustments within the browser settings, which are detailed below in the following steps:

Step 1. As the first line of action, visit the following link:

Step 2. Log in to your Google account from the upper right corner of the web page.

Step 3. Then move on to “Personal Info & Privacy” section and choose “Go to My Activity” option.

Step 4. Go to the left side navigation bar and select “Activity Controls” and then toggle “Web & App Activity” off from the new page you get to see.

Step 5. Now as usual scroll down and toggle off the “Location History” option and you are done for now.


If you have iOS devices Google Maps, the setting arrangement are not that different, but more or less the same, with few slight changes compared to the last method mentioned, once you open Google Map using any iOS device, and start following the steps mentioned in the last method, you will find the pathway mostly just the same. Thus these two methods will universally help you to deal with any device you use to stop Google from tracking your location, since the points so mentioned above are critically common to most of the device’s settings.

So whenever you feel like turning off Location History to remain at peace, make sure to follow the guideline above to maintain it for a long run as well.



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