15 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try


Google map is invented by Google. It works on Desktop as well as Mobile. It offers satellite imaginary, street maps, real time traffic condition and route planning for travelling. You can travel by four transportation car, bicycle, foot or public transportation. Basically Google map provides route planner. Google map is coded almost in Java Script and XML. To introduce expanded feature into Google Map interface some end user have reverse engineered tool and produced client side script and server side hook. There are some tips which you should know about Google map.

How Would You Like To Travel

Google Map provide 4 different types of transport. Bus, Car, Foot, Bicycle are the four transport which you can travel. On the screen, there is blue icon in the bottom right corner press that icon for choosing your transport.

Plan Your Route in Advance

If you have not data pack so you will be roaming in a country. If you access this you will have to pay large amount as compared to trip cost. So Google map provide you to plan your route in advance and save it. So you can use it offline.

Find ATMs

If you want to search ATM so Google Map provide this facility. In right bottom in the display you have search option. In search bar you type ATM and press search Google map will show the ATM that your current location.

Share a Location with Friends

Google Map provide you that you can share your location with your friends. Simple press the spot on the map where you want to pin to show, then press pin, after that press share, then this link is shared via message, email.

Plan a Multi Stop Route

If you are frustrated on a road traffic, Google map provide you Multi stop route so there is many routes of single place. For this, click the search field box then click direction after that type your source place and some other field is there type destination place so t show you all routes between source to destination.

Manage your Search History

Google map manage your search history that means whatever you search, what activities you performed. You go to search history and find out what activities you have done.

Easy Switch for god view

The Bottom-left corner there is one option that is “earth”. For clicking that button you can easily switch from Google map to Google Earth. Google Earth is the cousin of Google map.

Search for flights on long trips

If you worry about your trip that means how many flights are there from this location to this. Google map gives you all flight information. You just give current location and destination location.

Use the Smart Search

You can also search common things in Google map like restaurants, movie theatre and fun things near your current location. This is best way to find new location.

Make Google+ Useful

Google+ is getting popular now a days. But still some people they don’t have knowledge about Google+. When you search any place you can select to see what people in your Google+ circles think of places nearby.

Nagging Rams

This is used for rearranging the letters in the word to make a new word or phrase in case you didn’t know.


This is the one most popular game in google map. It was given a permanent home.

Delete your Map History

If you don’t want to manage your history that means all the activities which you have done. So there is option to disabled the history.

Save a cool location to remember it later

If you have like some place where you want to come again so you can save this place on google map.

Talk to your Map

If you are an unfamiliar area where you are not typing text or search other route so you ask Google map for new route and it shows you new route. The microphone icon is used for this.

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