Top 10 Tricks To Try With Google Maps

Google maps is definitely one of the best free options provided to mankind for travelling virtually all around the world. Before Google maps did not existed humans would have never ever thought that their minds and virtual bodies could travel all around their favorite cities; and after the introduction of “Street views” people can virtually walk around the streets of their cities. Not only this, with the help of Google maps people can find the real time traffic conditions, perform local business searches etc. however this is not all which can be done with Google Maps, there are many other options which you can try with it and see the magic.


Quick jump into navigation

While navigating into the Google maps to find different locations, you get various choice of routes which you could follow. Sometimes you just want to get into that place irrespective of the routes you follow. For reaching quickly into navigation just long press the blue icon when you select a destination.

Offline Maps Creation

This feature helps you to see the map of a particular location even when you don’t have an internet access. What you need to do is to zoom the map up to the level of details you want, just type “OK Maps” in the search field and your offline maps will be saved.

Use single hand for Zoom-in

When using Google maps on your android device with one hand and the other hand busy, just tapping the navigation maps can be useful for zooming-in the Google maps. Hold your finger onto the screen after second tap and zoom-in or navigate easily after that.

Find important locations

You can easily find ATMs, grocery stores, medical shops, car servicing and similar businesses of your need just by clicking on the search bar of Google maps and tapping the required business option like ATMs, medical shops, restaurants etc.

Mark Locations for recalling later

Once you’ve found a location of your interest you can long press the Google map over there, drop the pin and tap on the bottom bar for revealing complete information and then saving star on it. The location will be automatically added on “Your Places” for recalling later.

Get different views by advanced swipes

When using Google maps on Android device you can use some simple swipes to get top view flat view etc. Use two fingers to swipe on the screen to get a flatter view and run the fingers in opposite direction to get the top-down view.

Use voice commands for navigation

When navigating on your Android device while driving you can simply give voice commands and reducing the number of taps. Simply command “Navigate to (PLACE)” and get desired results.

Manage your search history

Google maintains a detailed record of whatever activities you perform on Google maps. You can get the details of your search history,

Easy switch for god view

Easy switch can be made between Google maps and its cousin Google Earth by clicking “earth” inset placed at bottom-left corner.

Tilt the view option

Look for the tilt-view option on the right hand side, click on it and you can virtually fly about just anywhere across the world.

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