Top Ten android apps 2015

So, you are one among those gadget lovers who feel proud to own a smart android phone. Well, you might have been definitely crazy for keeping your smartphone updated with the latest and hot android apps. So, have you searched the list of top ten android apps 2015? If not, check out the most lovable android apps that will be in lime light this year.



This exlcusive app starts collective chat with people who are using same Wi-Fi connection. This is how, you can be in touch of your friends who are in campus and using the internet connection you are using. As flashchat is based upon the wi-fi connection of certain range, remember as soon as you leave the campus, you will be signed out of the app immediately and the conversation will be interrupted.

Du battery saver

People will also be concerned about saving energy this year as the world is moving forward towards eco friendly deals. If you are one among the people who are eco friendly, the DU battery saver app is only for you, it helps saving battery power of the phone in an outstanding manner that it beats all of its competitors. It possesses a smart battery power management feature that promotes healthy charging and boost power.

Shou TV

Shou TV is a popular and lovable android app for fun lovers. It discovers popluar games and works wonderfully with android lollipop. You can even live broadcast your mobile screen and also record screenshots as separate files for later use with the help of this app.

Mobile MS office

Professional people cannot work without MS office. Keeping this thing on mind, the android app MS office mobile has been designed. It bears MS word, excel and powerpoint along with other useful office utilities.

Easy backup and restore

You will likethis app for its awesome backup features. It helps to back up and restore your important data such as contacts, texts and call logs. The data is backed up to your SD card or in optional cloud storage. You can even schedule automatic backup of your data.

Hotel my room

Oops, you might have been thinking that this app will let you book a hotel room for you. Well, it’s nothing like that. This app simply works by duplicating your phone number to another phone number to be used when your phone runs out of battery. In this way you can borrow your friend’s phone and sign in for receiving and sending texts with your contact number when you are using another phone.

News 360

This app is nothing but an exclusive news aggregator. It filters down the news of your choice as per your interest and represent them like an attractive magazine. By keeping track on internet, this app collects viral videos, blogs and journals for you.


It is also important to keep your device secured from hackers and stalkers. SnoopSnitch is an awesome android app that uses radio signals for sniffing out devices that might be targeting your device for hacking. The app will warn you in case your data is at risk as well as it kills the stingrays that help the hacker to detect your device.


Fenix streamline your experience with twitter through it’s slick and customizable interface. Pictures and videos undergo automatic expansion in this app and fit into the width of your phone.


Like last year, whatsapp will continue to bear the first preference of users who want to send instant messages to their friends. It is also preferred for the ability of sharing videos, images and audio messages with friends.

So, these are top ten android apps that will be in demand in 2015.

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