Reason Why Google search Results Are faster then Local Hard drive ?


Hello friends, Have you ever wondered Why Google Search is Faster then Local Hard drives ?

When Searching Something Using Google , You get the Result in Milliseconds, But Searching For a File in your Own Hard Drive Can Take some Time.

Now the Question is Why Search Engine Query Faster then the local File search ?

Sometimes You must be thinking How is it Possible For Google To search Internet Faster Which is many time larger Then the Hard drive in your Computer , Is it the matter of Computing Power and Right Algorithm?

When You type Something To search on Google, Google is Not searching the Internet, It is Searching the Index. The Server Farms, Which Constantly Scans and Indexs The Internet .This process takes a lot of time same as your Unindexed Hard Drive.
In Windows 7 You must have seen there is and Option to Index your Hard drive, This process takes some time but once it is running the search results in you hard drive will be instant.

To know more About How the Google search works, you can read Google’s Article  How Google Search Works.

Check The article to Get the Better idea.

Hope you like it. 

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