5 Rules for dominating Google’s search results

Hello Geeks, today we are continuing our last left course when we started to speak about making website from scratch and how to setup your first blog on WordPress. Now, in this chapter, we will show you 5 rules for dominating Google’s search results.

Whenever, we talk about SEO, usually the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is backlinks. While making backlinks is totally perfect for link juice flow but Google has gotten lot smarter than before, so, if you are planning to setup a blog and post few articles and throw some random links pointing to your website then you are out of luck now. Google has considered these types of links as spam and the results can be lethal which could totally penalize your website.

But, in this article we will reveal the latest 5 tricks that will totally dominate Google search results and your website will show in top of Google. As we said that Google is getting lot more intelligent, it is especially noticed when you are searching for restaurant, lawyers, doctors and other genre niche in your local states. So, this guide will be focused for all kind of niche and it is totally a basic guide for learning SEO.

#1. Avoid Private Blog Network

PBNs are highly punished with the latest algorithm and Google totally knows what kind of websites and how many blogs you are handling. So, tricking Google into thinking that you do not own a PBN is foolish now. This may result into getting your website deindexed from Google as well. Instead seek for natural backlinks that looks better in the eyes of Google.

#2. Guest Posting

Guest posting in your relevant niche website is the best way to dominate Google. Instead of having thousands of backlinks from junk website, it is better to have one good backlink from your relevant website. Search your keywords in Google and contact every webmaster and offer them to write guest blog post on their website and in return you will be leaving link of your website in that article.

#3. Use simple and neat designs

This should be the main aim of your website or blog. Having a simple design with good color and fonts are really easy for eyes to read. Instead of having a messed up website, choose a clean and neat design and post useful contents with images. That should do the trick.

#4. Copy your competitor’s backlinks.

Believe it or not, but if your competitor is ahead of your in Google search result then you will have to follow and dominate at what the person is doing. Use SEO spy tools to analyze their website and backlinks and try to get the same backlinks for your website as well.

#5. Repair Broken Links

Use Screaming frog software to monitor your entire website or blog for broken links. If your website has bad links then there’s a huge chance that Google will consider your website as useless and search results won’t show your web page at all. Find those broken links and replace them with a redirector or add some useful content in those pages.

That’s it. Hopefully the information shared in this article will help you to rank your website better in Google and remember to update your website as much as you can.

Stay tuned for more!

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