Top 4 home office apps in 2017

Hello Geeks, how’s everyone doing?  Today we are going to discuss about top 4 home office apps that you must have in 2017 to start a business from your home.

Home offices are becoming very popular for myriads of reasons. For example, freelancing works and requirement of freelancers has been increased drastically in 2017 where digital writers, programmers, bloggers, etc. can work from their home in peace and satisfaction. Moreover, you won’t be worried about your family since they will be near you all the time. Thirdly, you can pick up your family members brain in your recent projects and innovate according to that. The possibilities to be honest are endless.

But, if you setting up a home office then you must know which apps to use on your computer or mobile devices so that you can treat your business seriously. So let’s get started and in this article we will introduce you to four apps that you will use regularly from your home office.

#1 Microsoft Office

No business can run unless and until you keep records of your all your tasks and earning statements. Microsoft word can be used to create documents that are important in your daily life. Moreover, you will be using Microsoft excel on a regular basis to keep track of all your work assignments and you can even keep track of your profits and losses at the end of the month. PowerPoint is fabulous to create presentations and there are many other apps comes along with Microsoft office that are very useful.

#2 Dropbox

You never know when a disaster is coming in your life and taking proper precautions actually helps to bear those horrible moments. Likewise, your hard disk or computer can crash any time without any invitation. So, the best thing is to create a full backup of your work assignments and upload them to an online service like Dropbox. We cannot enforce this more by telling you the importance of creating backup, I think everyone should understand this. In addition, you can even buy portable hard disks or flash drives to keep backup of your software, apps, documents and other important stuffs.

#3 Skype

You cannot have business relationships without contacting them personally. Skype is free to use and it is very helpful to talk and voice call with your clients. What’s more, the latest Skype version even offers video calls and it make it even very convenient since you can have video conference call anywhere in this world using Skype messenger.

#4 FaxBurner

FaxBurner is an innovative and marvelous app that is used to send and receive faxes. Faxburner is extremely fast and you can sign up instantly to receive your first fax number. You can try their service for 24 hours and if you like then you can upgrade to premium membership to keep the number forever. Gone are those days when you need to get fax numbers separately investing hundreds of dollars. FaxBurner takes care of getting the fax number and you can send and receive fax for free. No need to print out the papers manually and sign them. Moreover, it is better to send designs and architectures using a pen and paper than doodling in your computer.

It is available in both Android and iPhones/iPads for your convenience and you will receive a lifetime free support from them whenever you encounter any issue.

We will recommend you to visit their official website to read all the features in details.

And that was it. These are the 4 must have home offices apps in 2017 and we wish you good luck with your work.

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