Get The Best 5 Awesome Android Widgets for a more Useful Home Screen

Mobile has become a lifeline of people which is giving lots facility to the masses. Individuals who like to do many things on the home screen of their cell phone. The Android widgets are most indispensable part now of these types of apps. Widgets have been a part of Android for a long time, and only a few has been used. Now due to evolving of Android widgets have become re-sizable and some are customised. In this article, some of the best 5 best Android widgets for a more useful home screen are introduced for your convenience

Get The Best 5 Awesome Android Widgets for a more Useful Home Screen

  1. Amber Weather Widget – It is a good widget for any home screen. It has more than 90 widgets for Android and all of them are re-sizable and customised to fit your needs. This app is very compatible weather app which consists forecasts of the full week, many reports of weather, severe alerts. It can work in 30 languages which is one of the amazing features. It comes in the form of in-app purchases but some of them you get in a free version as well.
  2. 2. 1Weather – It is a pretty decent app which is very much suitable for Android. The old flip clock is invoked by it, and HTC Sense devices are adorned which is used for weather. It can be easily configured just by clicking on the clock. There are also other widgets which send the lots of information on weather. It can be used free of cost, and paid version is only used for ad removal.
  3. Battery Widget Reborn – It is one of the best widgets for battery gauge widget which can be re-sized according to the dimension of your need. It is an app which comes with the information of cells with many shortcuts like settings of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also gives the chart to see all the information of cell with some other activities as well. It is very simple type of widgets, but it can be resized as per the dimensions of your requirement with the theme of your choice.
  4. Beautiful Widgets – It is one of the favorite’s widgets for its lovers and has been working for a long time. It has the variety of widgets for Android like battery gauge, flip clock, various toggles and the combo of weather. Some of them are customized lightly just to do the matching of your theme. The big ones have skins assortments which can be entirely used to change the look. There are some other widgets which you can shake with the stick, and there is inexpensive pro –version.
  5. Calendar Widget – It is used for the calendar which has lots of information. It is a kind of single widget which can be employed for viewing monthly calendar. It has the variety of beautiful themes to get customized experience. You can design like Google app with useful materials models which are very colorful and easy to use for the users.

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