Getting Started with Vector Images

Hello Geeks, hope everyone is doing well. Today, we are going to talk about vector images in this article and what they are used for and how it is different from bitmap or other image file formats. Whether you are in online business or offline business, images are the greatest ways to express your thoughts and feelings. Not to mention, people also remembers more things that they see in an image than they read on an article.

Millions of dollars are invested every year on graphics making logos, presentations, infographics, illustrations, arts and so on. Even if you are search on any search engine website, you first look at the images to get the feeling about a particular subject.

Vector Images are generally a graphical file format but instead of pixels, these images uses a series of “points” or “dots”. So when you zoom a bitmap image then there’s a high chance that after zooming it over 200% will cause blurriness and the pixels will start to crack. But that’s not the case with vector images, it doesn’t matter how much you zoom a vector image, it will never lose the quality or cause blurriness at all. Here’s an example of bitmap image and a vector image.


Did you observe how the bitmap image is fading and losing quality but the vector image is so crystal clear after zooming? We guess, you now have a good understanding on what vector images are for.

Now, making vector images are very painful and very advanced software are used to make these kind of images. So, if you are searching for free vector images then you cannot pass by without looking This website receives over millions of downloads every day and moreover, you get countless number of free vector images from them. From the free vector image section, you will be able to browse through thousands of free vector images that are ready to download for your personal usage.

Advantages of using vector images –

  • Vector images are comparatively smaller in size and higher in quality.
  • Perfect images that can be used for your website logos, icons, banners, infographics and more.
  • Vector images are ideal for printing purposes considering that the image sizes are flexible.
  • Use famous software to edit and modify the vector images such as CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator, etc.
  • Best for creating gaming app since the image sizes varies from devices to devices.

And much more. You can visit to see all the samples and we are sure that you are going to love them and feel free to download them as many times as you want.

Here are some samples of vector images from –

Vintage Background

Vintage Floral

Flammable icon

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