How to Make Voice and Video calls using Alexa and Amazon Echo?

Undoubtedly there have been various voice assistance facilities in the past few years, like Google Assistant, but Alexa is one of its kinds. It’s not until you start to use that you will understand the worth of it. Using it with Amazon Echo or Echo show gives your experience all around impetus to use Alexa more and more.

Converging to the point of mainframe discussion, Alexa is not only a computerized voice that you can speak with on your Amazon Echo device, but rather it can be used further to place calls besides mere watching of videos, playing music, turning on lights, checking weather, etc. Alexa-to-Alexa calling is well supported on iPhone with 9.0 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher.

The article is fully marked with the aim of making those users aware of its calling features that are completely new to its usage.

How to make Voice call using Alexa?

Before you set out for making a call with Alexa, make sure to register for Alexa-to-Alexa calling. To get started, open the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the conversations icon. So now if you are registered for Alexa-to-Alexa calling, you will definitely be asked to confirm your name, verify your phone number and enable the contact access. Alexa then uses your phone list to find out those who own an Echo device or the Alexa app and are also registered for the calling process.

Once you are all set with the registration process, make sure you are on the Conversation screen on the Alexa app. Now tap on the contact icon in the upper right corner and the respective person’s name.

Tap on the phone icon to make an audio call. Likewise you can command the Alexa to do the job on your behalf. Just say “Alexa, call Allen” and Alexa will immediately place the call for you. Amazing isn’t it?

How to make a Video Call using Alexa and Echo show?

For making a video call, you need to have the Echo show unit for the video display. The procedure is altogether as same as it was with the audio calling. Firstly you have to register for the Alexa-to-Alexa calling if you are not registered in the first place. Once you are registered, go to the Conversation screen again in your Alexa app from your phone. And tap on the contact icon and the person’s name like before. Now instead of tapping the phone icon, tap on the camera icon to place the video call. The Echo show unit will be here at your service to serve the purpose of providing you the interface for the video calling.

How to Answer a Call with Echo Device?

Once you have made the call from your own device, it will routed to the Echo device owned by the person you are calling lately and it will also be routed to the Alexa app if the notifications are enabled for the app. The person can now answer the call with the help of the Echo device or the Alexa app.

So if you are using the Echo show or the Alexa app to make the video call, you can turn it on and off any time during the course of calling. To terminate the call from Echo, simply say “Alexa, hang up” or to end the call from Alexa app, tap on the End button.

When you receive the video or voice call, the light on your Echo devices right away turn to green and Alexa app simultaneously informs you of the call. It also tells the name of the caller. Now you can say, “Alexa answer” to answer the call, or “Alexa ignore” to ignore the call.


There is no end to the applications of voice assistant programs, and placing an audio or video call is one of them. Thus if you are new with Alexa and Echo devices then this article will definitely take you to the shore of adequate help you so needed. For a better experience in regard of reading out the guidelines above, it would be better if you try out the methods actually with Alexa to gain a better experiential understanding of how it works.

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