How to Use Siri on Apple TV with Hands-Free Control?

Just imagine, you command anything in front of your latest fourth generation (4K) Apple TV and it follows your dictates keeping in track of every detail you said.

I mean the episodes, channel number, TV contrast and color adjustment commands, voice modulation, and everything.

Does not it sound amazing? Of course, it is…….

You must have seen the similar kinds of voice command control offers for TV by Amazon for Fire TV and Alexa, or by Google for Android TV, Chromecast, and Google Assistant.

But Apple has introduced lately the 4K Apple TVs featuring the same voice command controls with the help of SIRI…….The Famous Virtual Voice command Assistant program of Apple which has been helping users with iPhones and iPads all this while and now with Apple TV as well with iOS 12.2.

So basically in earlier versions of Apple TVs, you literally had to reach out for the TV remote to control the device, but not anymore. Now you can use any of your iPhones, iPads, to do the job. Just sync your iDevice with the Apple TV and Siri will heed your commands.

The article here will guide you step by step to use SIRI by voice commands to control your Apple TV.

Method Description:

Step 1: Activate the “Hey Siri” in iOS

How to Use Siri on Apple TV with Hands-Free Control 1

To begin with enabling Siri, head to your iOS device, and look out for “Siri and search” option.

Tap to toggle on the “Listen for “Hey Siri” option. Next, you have to follow certain sample voice commands to let Siri learn your voice.

Finally, ensure that “Allow Siri when locked” option is enabled so that you can use the voice commands even if your device is locked.

You can use this step for any iOS devices, like iPhones, iPads, you want to sync with the Apple TV.

Step 2: Login to Apple TV and iCloud on iOS

How to Use Siri on Apple TV with Hands-Free Control 2

From your iPhone or iPad, opt for the “Sign in” option in the “Settings” panel.

Sign into your iCloud account with your Apple account credentials. In case you see your name only on the sign-in page, that means you are already signed in.

Now you have to sign in to your iCloud account from the Apple TV also. To do that, go to “Settings”. Choose “Accounts” and then “iCloud” option.

Go for the “Sign-in” option and enter your details for login.

NOTE: Here you are accessing the sign in option on your Apple TV using the Apple TV remote control.

Step 3: Activate AirPlay 2 Feature on Apple TV

How to Use Siri on Apple TV with Hands-Free Control 3

Now in order to receive the voice commands off your iOS device, this feature called AirPlay 2 on your Apple TV needs to be enabled.

To enable it, go to the “Settings” of Apple TV, and choose “AirPlay”. Check if it is showing “on” or not.

Now you will get to see a notification “Start using AirPlay 2” on your TV screen.

As per instruction, unlock your specific iOS device, turn on it’s Bluetooth, and hold it closer to your TV. Then press “Connect” when asked.

This will pair your iOS device with the Apple TV.

One more thing, make sure to choose the room in which your Apple TV is fit for watching. Later on, you have to mention this very room by a particular name by your voice command for Siri.


Step 4: Install Apple TV Search Support Apps

There are over 80 such Apple Apps which help you to search over a wide range of server your programs, and TV shows.

Just make sure that all the necessary search supports apps are installed on your “Apple TV Search Support List” and you are signed to all those apps.

Let me give you an example if you have got search apps installed like DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, Fubo TV, then you can search for live TV programs or channels supporting those services.

Step 5: Activate HDMI-CEC

How to Use Siri on Apple TV with Hands-Free Control 4

This feature, called HDMI-CEC if enabled on both your Television and Apple TV.

Go to Apple TV “Settings” choose “Remote and Devices” and ensure that “Control TVs and Receivers” option is “on”.

Next, go to your TV settings, and enable your “CEC” option.

NOTE: In case a CEC option is not shown on screen, try out settings like “Sync” or “Link” with few names like “Bravia Link” and “Aquos Link”.

Step 6: Try out Voice Commands

Now its all set. You can now try the voice commands to check if Siri is really following your dictates or not.

Few examples of voice commands are given below to check your authority over Siri:

  • “Hey Siri, Play second season episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory”.
  • “Hey Siri, rewind two minutes before on Apple TV”.
  • “Hey Siri, play Lucifer on the living room TV”.


Well, it all seems quite comforting and interesting, but unfortunately, Netflix does not allow direct streaming on voice commands.

Similarly, you might face certain setbacks if Apple TV tries to steer you into an unintended or wrong app.

On such cases, you have to use your remote control to do the maneuvering. Otherwise, it’s all good, and you can go for it.

Read the article sincerely, and it will definitely prove to be a great help.

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