5 Windows Display Setting Tricks to Help You Focus on Work

Let’s just say when you are working on your Windows PC or laptop there are several factors on the display screen which can distract your attention.  It could be the brightness; too much contrast; mellow lighting at night, which also to some extent depends upon your visual faculties.

If you have got any visual impairments, then disabling secondary monitors, lowering down harsh and bright screen lighting, or eliminating color of the screen for the eyes to relieve are always the better options.


Yes, it is possible. It might not have been possible with the previous Windows OS versions, but with the advent of the latest Windows 10 upgrades, various display settings adjustments have been incorporated into the OS.

#1: Automatic Adjustment for Dark Mode

This feature has been introduced in the latest update of May 2019 Windows 10. A “light” mode feature has been incorporated in the operating system which makes the dark theme more fascinating. It gives the start menu, taskbar, and many applications menu a bright gray shade in appearance.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not availed any suitability to switch back to between the normal mode and the light mode. Thus, once you enable the light mode, it might turn out to be too invisible at night or too mellow at daytime.

Now if you want to overcome this situation, you can also download the freeware Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode utility. This utility can help you change the light and dark modes spontaneously depending upon the availability of light in your surroundings. There is a provision for setting the time for light and dark modes according to your needs as well.

Moreover can use your location also to let the app adjust the modes all of its own accord.

To enable the self-adjustment mode using your location, you need to go to the “Privacy” settings first.

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Then under the “Location” tab, activate the “Allow apps to access your location under Windows settings” option.

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Now you can individually select your “light mode” app to use your location for the self-adjustments.

#2: Discard Blue Light at Night

Microsoft has added this feature “night light” for eliminating excess blue light from your screen to make it look comfortable and less stressful for the eyes a few years back. It is very helpful for those users who prefer to work late at night.

To activate this feature, you have to go to the “Settings” and then choose “Display” option.

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Click on “Night light” settings. You can adjust the brightness as well by moving the cursor.

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For a more comfortable and precise adjustment, you can download the free app F.lux.

In place of providing one option for night mode like that in “night light” settings, this app offers three different levels of adjustments, for daytime, sunset and night.

#3: Grayscale Mode

Suppose you are trying to concentrate on your work, but all those colorful icons for social media, games, and messengers pull away your attention to waste your valuable time.

Now by rendering the entire display screen to grayscale mode can help you stop this distraction. Moreover, it will give a little bit of relaxation to your eyes as well to endure the complementing colors on the screen.

To enable this grayscale feature, you first need to go to “Windows settings” and then choose “Ease of Access”.

Next; select “Color filters”. Toggle the “Turn on color filters” to enable it and then choose “Grayscale” from the list that it shows.

For better convenience, you can check the checkbox “Allow the shortcut key to toggle filter on or off” option. after enabling this option, you can directly enable or disable the grayscale using “Windows + Ctrl + C” keys combination.

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You can use the aforementioned F.lux app. It has got a grayscale-mode of its own.

#4: Dim Multiple Monitor’s Brightness with Ease

If you are using multiple monitors set up for multitasking, it surely gives a fair referencing to using various applications at the same time.

Now there comes an app, known as DisplayFusion, which can create a setup to dim the brightness of secondary monitors to 50-60% without using more software.

To use this setup, open “DisplayFusion” settings, and move to the “Function” menu.

Click on “Scripted Function” and then choose “Download scripted function” option.

Choose “Dim all monitors except primary” from the list and then click on “Download Function”.

Finally, create a keyboard shortcut for the direct access using the “Edit” button from the top right corner and click “Ok” to apply it.

Apart from “DisplayFusion”, you can use another freeware utility named, PangoBright which too can dial down the brightness of the secondary monitors keeping the brightness intact on your primary monitor.

#5: Auto Shut-Down Your Secondary Monitors for Particular Apps

I tell you this final trick is overkill. So when you are using multi-monitor setup for heavier tasks, you can choose to shut down all the secondary monitors when you run a specific application on your primary monitor.

Let’s just you want to play a game on your primary monitor, and if it’s launched in all the monitors, it will be quite distracting. So by auto shut down the peripheral monitors, you can concentrate on the particular app using the primary monitor.

Though you can accomplish the same task by either pressing the monitor’s off buttons or with the help of “Windows-P” short keys to disable the secondary monitors, automating the task is much handier than the manual work.

Here we will use Valve’s Steam Launcher for instance.

So firstly create a text file in the same directory where the “Steam” file is installed. Copy and paste the following text lines in the text field:

displayswitch /internal

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe

displayswitch /extend

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NOTE: If you installed the Steam launcher to a different directory, you have to choose that particular directory or if you are choosing any other application, go to the respective directory in which it is installed.

Now save the text file with the name Steam.bat. It is the extension for DOS batch files to shut down systems.

Finally, we will create a shortcut for this saved file. To do this; right click on the clear desktop and select “New”, then “Shortcut” from the drop-down menu.

Within the location bar on the text field of the new pop up Window, enter cmd /c “C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.bat”

Click on the “Next” button and give the shortcut a name. Once it is tugged on the desktop screen you can change its icon from its “Properties” Windows by right click on it.


So you see there are plenty of ways by which you can adjust you can adjust the display screen according to your specific needs. Microsoft has taken care of these vital needs for its users, and this is commendable.

Thus, if you know how to do these adjustments, do it as soon as possible.

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