How to Track Time of Tasks with ProjectTimer?

Hello guys…. Today we would discuss a very common issue that has been asked in our blog several times about how to keep track of time you spend on tasks.

Since we all go out of hands while pursuing a particular task to finish it within the speculated time bounds as per set by the authorities in companies, management groups. So, it is necessary to know how to do it.

Now time tracking Windows applications are verily used by many individuals like freelancers, project managers, leaders and organizations use time tracking software to schedule time for various activities.

Here in this article we would use a fantastic software which come free of cost- PROJECT TIMER.

What is ProjectTimer?

As a whole some solution to your all-time management problems, ProjectTimer turns out to be a specialized, non-intrusive taskbar application which can keep track of your time spent on completing certain projects, resource scheduling, payroll system, accounting system, billing hours, etc. without any distractions. The time tracks are displayed using timesheet Windows where you can check the date, in-time, out-time, project description, etc. as a list of work time records.

The application works quietly in the background without interfering any of your on-screen tasks. Besides it uses less system resources to run, so your over-all system speed does not get affected by its activity.

To get a deeper insight about the utility, read the key features detailed below.

ProjectTimer Key Features:

  1. Light weight, freeware, simple to use time tracking Windows application.
  2. Provides detailed time tracking reports with general settings of minimum activity length, and reminder intervals.
  3. Assists you with automating billling and invoicing hours.
  4. Easy to install and uninstall in few clicks.
  5. Compatible with all Windows OS versions- Vista/ XP/ 7/ 8/ 10 along with Windows server editions- Windows 2000/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016, etc.
  6. Tracking project profitability is another benefit.
  7. Budget comes under control with accounting made easier.
  8. Assists in estimating time needed for future projects along with the project and labour costs, and other resources.
  9. Supports add-ons.
  10. Optional team cloud subscription helps to sync your projects to cloud.
  11. The timesheet Windows can be exported to websites and imported to utilities like Excel.
  12. 100% clean and secured with no bugs reported so far.
  13. It runs the timer as a tray icon.
  14. Report filters are available on the report are to filter tasks status, report periods, bills, users, projects, clients, etc.
  15. Provides collaboration with teams using cloud subscription per user. Users in a team can start and stop timers on a common cloud project.

Samples of ProjectTimer:


Hopefully, now you understand how easy it is to use this software on a personal and collective levels both. The utility is available on four recent major versions. Choose the latest updated version to get maximum upgraded benefits. Although it is totally free, but certain cloud subscriptions per user are required to create a team project on a server.

Just visit the official website, download the software to your computer and give it a try to enhance your workflow and increase productivity.

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