How to make your PC faster than ever?

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today, we are about to discuss one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to make your PC faster than ever? How many time have you noticed that your PC worked perfectly fine when you first installed the operating system but over the time the performance keeps getting slower and slower. Well, it happens to most of our computers and whenever you try to install new apps or software then your PC starts to lag and keeps hanging on you.

But never worry. In this short guide, we will demonstrate how to make your PC faster and make it fresh as brand new. Yes, it is indeed possible without upgrading the computer’s specifications. That’s where Condusiv’s Diskeeper® or SSDkeeper® comes into play depending on which type of storage media you are using.

What is Diskeeper?

Diskeeper and SSDkeeper are set-and-forget desktop programs that guarantee to fix any sluggish performance you may be experiencing on your system. In short, with Diskeeper or SSDkeeper, you can make your PC faster than ever and your computer will run very smoothly. Two patented engines run automatically in the background to boost performance. The first is a write optimization engine that eliminates excessively small tiny writes and reads that slows performance and displaces with large, clean contiguous writes and reads so more pay is carried with every I/O (input/output) operation. The second patented engine is a DRAM read caching engine that automatically serves hot reads straight out of DRAM that is otherwise available and unused. The real genius in this engine is that nothing has to be allocated for cache since it dynamically adjusts to only what is unused at any given moment. All systems have idle, unused memory with many customers serving 50% or more of their read traffic from DRAM, which is 15X faster than an SSD (solid-state drive).

Salient Features of Diskeeper –

  • Improve system performance by proactively preventing performance robbing fragmentation
  • DRAM caching enabled to accelerate your Windows PC
  • Elegant and attractive graphical user interface
  • Optimize both hard drives and solid-state drives
  • Simply install, reboot and give the product 48-hours for algorithms to adjust for peak performance
  • Graphical interface that shows how many I/O operations are offloaded from underlying storage media, what percentage of read and write traffic has been eliminated and how much time that saves any given system or group of systems
  • Runs quietly in background without interrupting any current task since it only uses idle CPU cycles that are available
  • Increases productivity and extends the life of any PC
  • Works with all Windows version systems like Windows 7/8/10 and so on.

And much more! We will recommend everyone to head over to their official website and read all the features by yourself. I am pretty sure you won’t regret.


In this tutorial, we have shown how to make your PC faster than new with Diskeeper or SSDkeeper. The program is extremely useful, free to try, and will boost PC performance more than any other PC program on the market to improve speed and efficiency. It is a must have software on any Windows PC to avoid any kind of slow PC performance. Hope you guys enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and families.

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