4 Tips to Restoring Windows 10

The latest operating system from Microsoft is Windows 10 which has now become the default windows for most computers. The reason for this is that it is now a compulsory mandate that everyone who is running windows on their computer has to use Windows 10.  The reason for this is that Windows 10 is the most updated version of windows and it comes with updated security features and a much smoother user interface. Windows 10 comes with a variety of features including a reset function. The reset function allows you to send back your computer to a time when it was functioning perfectly. This means that if you are learning how to enable system restore in windows 10 – TechLoris, then this is how you can do it.

  1.    Use the Reset function

Windows 10 comes with a reset function which is inbuilt into the operating stem. This functionality allows you to reset windows 10 removing all application and files which you do not need to have a better system. The reset function can easily be found in the setting section, update and security, then recovery. Here you have two options, you can choose to reset the computer while opting whether to keep or delete the files which you do not need. The other option is you can choose to go back factory setting this is where you wipe everything which is on all the computer drive.

  1. Use Windows 10 Refresh option

The other method which you can use to restore your windows 10 is to use the refresh functionality. This feature allows you to get a fresh version of Windows 10. This may require you to have an active internet connection as it will download the most updated version of Windows 10. You will also need to have adequate storage where this new version will be downloaded into. The good thing about this is that this does not affect any files that you have nor does it remove anything. You can, however, choose the option where everything is deleted.

  1.    Use Startup Repair function

Windows 10 also comes with startup repair functionality, this is the option which can help you repair and return the computer to a state where it was functioning correctly. The start repair function can be found by hitting F 11 and viewing the advanced functionality for repair. The process can take from a few minutes to an hour depending on the problem and the size of the drive that the error is on.

  1.    Use System Restore

Windows 10 also comes with system restore functionality. This is the feature which allows you to reset your computer to an earlier time period. This means that any application which was installed after that time will be uninstalled as it may be the one which is causing the problems. To have restore functionality, one has to create it by enabling protection of the drive when the machine is functioning as intended. The system restores functionality can only work if you have restore points of previous date.

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