How to Block Websites on Chrome?

Have you ever wanted to block certain websites on your working computer to prevent your kids from accessing them or to prevent the distractions of your team members or colleagues to increase overall work productivity?

If you have, and didn’t know how to do it, the article here will give you tricks to block websites on chrome on desktop, mobile (Android) as well iOS device.

It’s pretty simple actually, and Google Chrome has such an easy to go interface that any novice can pull it off easily.

#1: Block Websites on Chrome Desktop

Let’s say you are working on a project with many members, and you don’t want them to open certain sites so as to avoid unnecessary distraction within the team.

Or you want your naughty children to refrain from exploring unwanted stuffs online, then blocking the websites on your PC is the easiest way to immediate prohibition.

So if you are using Google Chrome as a default browser on your desktop, then this method will help you.

Begin reading the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the given link for “Blocksite” Chrome Extension and click on “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your Chrome if you don’t have one yet.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 1

Step 2. A pop-up menu will appear describing the features of this extension. Click on “Add Extension” button to install the extension on your Chrome web browser.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 2

Step 3. After the Blocksite extension has been installed, you will find a new icon at the upper right corner of your Chrome. It looks more like an orange shield with circle cut by a diagonal. Do you see it?

How to Block Websites on Chrome 3

Step 4. Now comes the main part, go to the website you wish to block using your Chrome browser. Click on that orange icon newly appeared, and then click on “Block this site” from the drop down box.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 4

Voila! Its done. Now you won’t be able to open that particular website anymore. Repeat the step with every other websites you tend to block for the good.

#2: Block Websites on Chrome Android

Mobiles come handier than your computers, and mostly people access browsers like Chrome via mobile.

The trick here to block websites on Chrome uses the same extension as mentioned before, but here it is an app which you have to download from play store.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Go to “Google Play Store” and search for “Blocksite” application. Download and install it to your mobile phone.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 5

Step 2. Now launch the app on your phone, and tap “Go to Settings” when asked. In the Phone’s app settings page, you need to enable the app first to gain control over your Chrome browser.

Step 3. In the app list, select the application and tap either “Enable the app” or “Use Service” to activate the app.

Step 4. Now return to your App interface again. You will find a “+” icon which clearly indicates that the app has been enabled.

Step 5. Tap the + sign from the bottom right corner, and a new page will be opened up to you. Here you can type the name of the website you so want to block. Enter the name of the site into the search bar or the full URL, then tap the checkmark on the upper right corner to confirm the blocking.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 6

And that’s it. The marked websites will not open up from the next time.

#3: Block Websites on iOS Devices

With the advent of iOS 12, you can use the built in features to block websites or internet content not only on Safari but on other third party web browsers, like Chrome.

The trick is pretty simple, just follow the step guideline below to know how it works:

Step 1. On your iOS device, open the “Settings” app.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 7

Step 2. Tap the “Screen time” option and then “Content and Privacy Restrictions” from the context menu.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 8

NOTE: You might need to enter a restriction passcode if you already have one. If you don’t have one currently, you can tap on “Use screen time passcode” option to create one. This will ensure that your device restrictions cannot be modified by any random users.

Step 3. Off the new page that appears tap on “Content Restrictions” option from the list.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 9

Step 4. From the next page, tap on “web content” which comes at the extreme bottom of the list.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 10

Step 5. Tap next on “Limit Adult Websites”. Now you will see two options appearing at the bottom of the screen- Always Allow or Never Allow.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 11

Step 6. Under the “Never Allow” section, tap on “Add Website” option to add the URL or website that you wish to block now.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 12

Now go to Chrome and try to open up the recently blocked website, and surprisingly it will not open up. It means the attempt has been successful.

How to Block Websites on Chrome 13


In the last method, you could have used applications like the second method, for instance “Zero Willpower”, but they usually are paid applications. Thus using the settings restrictions features is the best way to block sites on chrome.

You also get to hear at one point about “jailbreaking” or “rooting” your phone. Mark my words, if you are an expert with mobile devices, don’t even think about it. I repeat DON’T………..

That might cause permanent damage to your device with warranty getting broken. So just avoid such tempting heresays.

Stick to the simple tricks mentioned above in the article, and share your ideas if you have one in the comment section. We welcome all your views and ideas to incorporate on our website.

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