How To Fix 6 Most Common Zoom Issues?

When it comes to videoconferencing, it often spirals back to Zoom cloud meetings. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular videoconferencing tool to conduct online classes, sessions by counselors and teachers.

Despite its growing popularity, it too has got its own share of issues like very other tools which often leave users irritated.
Today, we have rounded up the most 6 common issues that users confront with zoom meetings daily.

The methods are not that difficult to apply. Just a basic understanding of the device you are using is enough to sail through.

Issue #1: Audio or Camera Not Working

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If you are unable to hear anything after joining a zoom meeting via computer or laptop, perhaps you forgot to click the pop-up option before the meeting started “Join with Computer audio”. This option allows zoom to utilize the device’s in-built audio setup

In case you have already joined the meeting, and do not wish to start it over owing to unstable network connectivity, you can activate the option afterward also. The option is available on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on it to enable it.

In addition to this, there are times when the audio option of the tool goes into mute mode. Make sure that the audio icon is unmuted in the middle of the meeting.

The same goes with the camera also. The video icon might be muted in your case. Unmute it to clear pass visibility.
The camera option might also be disabled while joining a meeting. For that, just click the camera icon in the taskbar to turn it on. If any error message pops up, it clearly suggests that the problem lies in your plug-in or the device itself. The tool is working fine in this scenario.
If you have got multiple cameras, make sure that you have selected the correct one. If not, go to zoom meeting settings, then video or audio options to select the right device.

Issue #2: Zoombombing

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Surprisingly, there is a particular issue that has got a real name these days- Zoomboming. Herein, an unexpected user can join your meeting and start sharing filthy images and videos, thereby creating a disturbance in the middle of a session.
The issue is very common since Zoom has major security issues.

There are certain ways you can avoid such things from happening. Firstly, update your zoom app to its latest version. The recent zoom upgraded versions have incorporated new security measures to block such intruders. As a result of this measure, users need a password along with an ID to join a meeting. Unless you give it to them and allow them join the participant group, they can not enter.

In addition to this, abstain from sharing your zoom IDs publicly on social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Fore extra security measures, you can lock the meeting once all the participants have joined. To do this, go to the “Participant” section. Select the “More” icon off the bottom right side. Click the option “Lock meeting”.

There is another way, you can block the users whom you found unfit and have removed already to prevent their re-entry. Just head to “Account Management”, then “Account Settings”. Go to the “Meeting tab” and toggle off the “Allow removed participants” option.

Issue #3: Missing Features

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Sometimes, you may find a few zoom features missing. There is no need to fret. Chances are you joined or started a meeting using a browser instead of the dedicated app.

Zoom perfectly works on browsers, but the web-based version is limited with features whereas unlike the actual app interface.
To avoid this mishap, always use the zoom application instead of any browser.

Issue #4: Background Noise

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Background noises come when participants forget to mute their mics. Make sure to inform them to mute their mics before starting the meeting. If few of them don’t heed to your command, you being the host have the privilege to mute them manually. Just go to the “Participant” section. Click on the “More” option and then the “Mute all” option to mute all at once.

Issue #5: Activation Email Not Delivered

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If your zoom account is directly managed by your company or any organization, and you require an activation code to activate your zoom account, and you haven’t got it yet, fear not. Sometimes it takes time for the activation email to come around.
You can also check it in your spam folder, in case it got piled up there.

What if none of these suggestions stack up? Relax, you can do few things. Either you must contact the team who manages your zoom account to send another activation email, or you should whitelist email and tag along with the following IP addresses:

Issue #6: 40 Minutes time limit

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Many of the new users may not know that the free version of zoom meeting app has a time limit of 40 minutes. After that the meeting will be terminated and the participants will be logged out automatically without your consent.

If you don’t wish to have this trouble recurring, then you must get its premiums.
One more issue that might run into is that with the free zoom version, you will not be able to record any session video to the cloud. That means, sharing any session video with your participants is a pesky job, requiring a lot of leg work.

These are not the only issues that usually turn up with the videoconferencing app. With time and consistent usage, you will figure out many more, like the issue of mirroring of video, virtual background setup, etc.
To know more such enticing solutions to these cranky issues, keep visiting our website to get updates.



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