How to Factory Reset HP Laptop?

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In today’s article we will take up one of the foremost discussion, that is how to Factory Reset HP Laptop? The laptop that we would specifically focus on is HP laptops.

So basically experiencing intermittent freezing, virus invasion causing poor performance, and lower operating speed with time, are few causes which compel you to factory reset your HP laptop for a good fix.

Factory resetting disables and removes all the unnecessary contents, malware, torsions at one go. But at the same time, you will lose all your valuable items and data as well. This is one of the major problems you face while factory resetting.

Thus it is recommended to users to back up their data, folders to either cloud servers or any external drive so that they can access them smoothly again once the resetting is done.

Here in this article, we would show you the way to factory resetting in two ways:

  • How to Factory Reset HP Laptops Using Windows Settings
  • How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Using Advanced Setup

Solution #1: How to Factory Reset HP Laptop using Windows Settings

This method is applicable only if you can log in to your HP laptop. Otherwise, this method is of no use to you.

Let’s just assume, you do have the system password and you are able to log in to it for the time being.

So follow the step guidance detailed below to know how to factory reset:

Step 1. Firstly backup all your data to an external hard disk, Dropbox or Google drive in advance.

Step 2. Click on the “Start” button and select the “Settings” icon. It looks like a gear icon in Windows 10 at the bottom left corner of the “Start” content list.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 1

Step 3. Go to “Update and Security” option from the new page that opens up.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 2

Step 4. Choose “Recovery” from the left side options from the new page.

Step 5. On the right side panel click on the “Get Started” button under the “Reset this PC” option.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 3

Step 6. Next; click on “Remove everything” option if you are ready to lose everything, or choose “Keep my files” if you want to keep the personal, important files and folders intact.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 4

The process will take some time, so be patient while it is resetting.

After the resetting is done, you will find no disturbance with your laptop like before, but at the same time, all your files will be found to be absent, which is quite obvious to happen.

Solution #2: How to Factory Reset HP laptop Using Advanced Startup

This method is only helpful when you are unable to log in to your laptop due to losing or forgetting the system password.

The method is a bit tricky, so strictly stick to the steps ruled out below.

Step 1. As mentioned in the last method also, backup the contents before resetting your laptop.

Step 2. If your laptop is on right now, click on the “Restart” button or shut it down and then power it on again.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 5

Step 3. Now as soon as you see the HP logo when it is starting up, start pressing F11 function key repeatedly. This will lead you to the advanced startup page settings.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 6

Step 4. In the advanced startup page, click on “Automatic repair” option and then “Troubleshoot” option.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 7

Step 5. Now click on “Reset this PC” option from the new page that turns up.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 8

Step 6. Next, choose either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” option as per your need.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 7

Step 7. Next choose, “All drives” option and finally click on “Reset” and the factory resetting will begin shortly.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop 9

It may take some time. Until then do not switch off your laptop.


The factory resetting method undoubtedly removes all your existing data, thus think twice before performing it.

In case you doubt your capability, do not take unnecessary risks. Call for expert advice that can help you.

Random mistakes in advanced setup page as mentioned in the second method might tamper the existing configuration of your laptop, so better not tamper with it if you have no expertise on these matters.

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