How to Customize Windows File Explorer’s Details View

A lot of time is spent diving into the file system on your PC. What if you can get file explorer organized in a way you like it to be? This would be really easy, quick and worth it.

One simple way to is to customize the folder’s column order including its name, date modified, type and size. This would be really easy to customize the columns in the way you like, instead of using it in a default view. In most of the other folders this simple way can be used.

Here are the ways to arrange the windows explorer detail views. These ways can be used for Windows 10, Windows 8 and even Windows 7.

Sorting the Downloads

Let us start with an example. For instance you desire to see the date show up first in the download folder. The simplest way to do this is to click on the date located at the top of the column and finally drag it to the left. Further if you wish to put the date column at the last, all you need to do is to reverse the above procedure.

Now if you wish to see all the files and folders to be sorted by date then single click on the date column. On doing this, all the files in the download folder will be sorted by date with the oldest file located at the top and the newest file at the bottom. If you want the order to get reversed then click the date again.

Creating a Template

For instance, if you wish to use the particular column setup from downloads folder across all the other folders on your PC.

If you are using Windows 10 then in the left hand navigation column of the file explorer, click on This PC. Now right click on the Downloads located in the main window and finally click on the Properties in the context menu.

Now click on the Customized Tab. A section will originate where you will find “Optimize this folder”, click on it. A drop down menu will originate in which you will discover five options. These are the standard layout templates for file explorer. Windows 10 uses the picture templates by default. Just change the General items so that your download setup can change most of your folders while not affecting the standard windows documents, videos or the music folders. Check box must be clicked after that.

If the download folder is already customized, then changing the General items will lead to change of all column headings to the standard general template.

After all the files are sorted, go to File Explorer menu located at the top and then select View Options and then click Change folder and search options. Another window will appear where you are to confirm the change of all the folders that are of the same types. Other folders can be switched to your template by changing the template for that folder.

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