3 Reasons why HR should include flash drives as giveaway items in new employee orientation

Hello Geeks, what is up? Today, we are going to talk about a serious question asked by a managing director in our blog about what should HR offer to the new employees to keep them motivated. Well, truth to be told, the multinational companies like HP, Dell, Google, Microsoft, etc. offers laptops, smartphones and so on but that is only possible to offer if you have a good running successful company.

We do believe that HR of the companies should giveaway goodies to the employees and most importantly, they must be useful and beneficial both for personal and office purpose. But what should be the perfect giveaway item? Any guess? The perfect giveaway item will be a flash drive. Did you ask, why? Well, I will list them down below why HR should include flash drives as giveaway items in new employee orientation.

Number #1: It helps in both personal and official purpose.

USB flash drives are very smaller in size and thus, it can be easily carried anywhere in the world without any worries. Moreover, an employee can store the important data in their flash drives and then access them from home or other places using their laptops and get their job done quickly. In addition, flash drives can be also used to send and receive data via friends and families and can be used for personal purposes as well. So, it’s like shooting two birds with one arrow.

Number #2: Cheaper in price but yet effective.

USB flash drives are very cheaper in price these days and it won’t cost a lot of companies’ money but yet the employers will be rather happy to keep them with themselves and use them according to their requirements. There are too many ecommerce websites available on the internet that even run monthly or yearly or occasional sales from which you can take the benefit as well.

Number #3: Portable and Efficient

The main advantage of owning a flash drive is you can keep it in your pocket and travel with it. It can store enormous amount of data that can be easily accessed using any computer or laptop. So, it will be quite easier to carry the left over tasks from office and finish them in their homes where no one will disturb them.

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