How Can I Hide Last Seen Timestamp on My Android Device?

How Can I Hide Last Seen Timestamp on My Android Device?

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Now you can disable Last Seen Timestamp on Whatsapp even if you are using Android Smartphone. Till now, only iPhone users were enjoying this feature. On Google Play, you can get this new feature via Whatsapp in the past. As of now, you can head to Settings menu to do some sort of tweaking. Here are some simple steps to hide Last Seen Timestamp on your Android device –


  1. The only condition is that your smart phone should have Android 2.1 OS or latest.
  2. On the Settings menu, you have to go to Security tab and enable “Download from Unknown Sources”.
  3. Download APK file from the Whatsapp official website or go through
  4. Tap on the APK file after downloading it from the website to your Android device. Here you will get two options to select from – ‘Verify and Install’ and ‘Package Installer’.
  5. It will pop up a message which says that application is subject to make alterations on Whatsapp. All you have to allow it. Despite few changes, it will retain all your Whatsapp data.
  6. After updating your WhatsApp, you have to go through Settings, Account and Privacy. Here you will get 3 different options on ‘Last Seen’ option – My Contacts, Everyone and Nobody. Choose the appropriate one for you.
  7. Keep in mind that if you prevent others looking at your last seen timestamp, you won’t be allowed to see others’ timestamp.
  8. On Privacy, you will also be able to restrict the people and define the ones who can be able to access your status and photos. And the best part – this is provided on Whatsapp only.

For iPhone Users

Those who use iPhone and want to change these settings are able to go through the following steps –

  1. On Whatsapp, first of all go through Chat Settings and choose Advanced
  2. Now you can toggle ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ and turn it ‘Off’.


Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to change it back within 24 hours after changing Last Seen on Whatsapp for iPhone. On the other side, it is great news for Android users because they don’t have such type of restrictions. They can make changes in settings again and again they want.  All in all, Android users have this advantage of using Whatsapp. They have no restriction of 24 hours. They can change this setting at any time of the day.


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