How To Automate Your Morning Programs With Windows Task Scheduler

How to automate your morning programs with Windows Task Scheduler


If you feel the computer is just for viewing videos, downloading films, listening music and playing games then you are wrong. The best feature of the computer is its automation feature. Surprised! But that’s true. Automation feature is one of the best features of the computer. Automation features of the computer helps you in managing your morning schedule in a better way. You can use built- in task scheduler or you can download it also. The best use of the Windows Task Scheduler is to set the entire morning program that you want to perform. Windows Task Scheduler will definitely help you in managing your entire day program, especially your morning program in a better way.

Skype, Excel and Firefox are some of the examples. The use of Windows Task Scheduler is very easy as well as simple. The only and the most important thing that should always be keep in mind is that the Windows Task Schedule works only when you logged in. In case, you shut down your computer or laptop or log out then Windows Task Scheduler stops working. So, it is very important to log in for the Windows Task Scheduler to work.

Steps to start Windows Task Scheduler for the automation of morning program

The steps of launching Windows Task Scheduler for the automation of morning program are very easy as well as simple to carry out. So, here are the steps

Getting started

The very first step to launch the Windows Task Scheduler is Open the Charms bar with the combination of Windows Logo key. After this, use the Search option in order to search the Task Scheduler. In this way, you can open the Windows Task Scheduler.

Creating start-up routine

Always make sure, on the left hand navigation panel, Windows Task Scheduler is selected. After checking this, the next thing that you have to do is to Select- Action from the task menu of the Windows Task Scheduler. After clicking the Action menu, a sub-menu appears on the screen. From the submenu, select Create Basic Task.

As you click the Create Basic Task, a wizard appears on the screen. The only thing that you have to do is to follow the wizard instruction for the automation of morning program in the Windows Task Scheduler.

In the first step, we have to give our task any name as well as description also about the task then click next.

In the second step, select the day or days on which you want to open your Windows Task Scheduler by clicking the Weekly radio button. Click next

In the third step, you have to choose the starting time for the program. Click next

In the fourth step, choose the program that you want to run for the Task Scheduler. For the selection of the program, click Browse. By default option, File Explorer in window is opened.

As you click next, the summary of the task is displayed on the screen. Check it and if you are satisfied click next.

Now you are ready with your Task Scheduler program.

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