15 Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint for Excellent Slide Creation

PowerPoint is an important tool served by Microsoft no matter which Windows operating system you choose. PowerPoint was formally launched as a part of the Microsoft Office suite on May 22, 1990. It is basically designed for presentation purpose with its slide show format. Among all the programs in Microsoft, PowerPoint is the one by using which you can show off your piece of art with the help of its numerous presentation format.


As we all know an image, animation or a graphic has the capacity to describe any situation or condition the best, this talent of running graphics fluently made PowerPoint very much popular among the presenter. Graphic or images has the ability to attract the audience and keep them attentive during the presentation.

PowerPoint uses countless number of images, clipart, sound effects, text effects, background, animation, graphic and many more enough to be the smartest tool of Microsoft. Though we are not here you tell you which image to use where or which graphics to add on which slide, however we can serve you with the 15 shortcut keys which will help you a lot while working with Microsoft PowerPoint. These shortcuts will be useful with PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 and will provide you with the polished and controlled PowerPoint presentation.

15 PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Direct access to main menu ribbon: Alt is a key by pressing which the top most ribbon will guide you with rest of the shortcuts. So Alt is something you should never forget.

  1. F4: Repeat the last done action.
  2. F6: F6 is to move clockwise between panes in Normal view.
  3. Shift+F6: Just a shift before F6 will let you Move counter clockwise between panes in Normal view.
  4. Alt + Shift + Right Arrow: This will make you move one paragraph down.
  5. Alt + Shift + Left Arrow: This one will move you one paragraph up.
  6. Alt + Shift + Down Arrow: By using this you can move selected paragraphs down.
  7. Alt + Shift + Down Arrow: This key combination is to move selected paragraphs up.
  8. Ctrl + Shift + +: This will let you directly increase the font size.
  9. Ctrl + Shift + -: This is to decrease the font size.
  10. Alt + Shift + F9: This key combination can show the ruler if it is already hidden or can hide the ruler if it was visible.
  11. CTRL + M: Add a new slide.
  12. Shift + F3: This key combination will let you cycle the case for the selected text.
  13. Ctrl + Home: This will let you jump to the beginning of the first word in a text container of the first slide.
  14. Ctrl + End: And this will help you in jumping to the end of the last word in a text container of the last slide.

Alt + Right Arrow: This shortcut will rotate the selected slide object by 15 degrees in the clockwise direction. However using this shortcut with the left arrow will rotate the selected slide object by 15 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction.

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