6 Tips on Deleted File Recovery With Hard Drive Recovery Software

Hello again everyone, today I came up with some more solutions on how to recover your deleted files. This is one of the most concerned and anxious topic for those who are actually facing it. It is not very hard to anticipate that we all in our life have accidentally deleted files whether knowingly or unknowingly. But if you are one of those then I have some good news for you about how you can recover them back. So sit back, try not to panic and keep on reading. I am pretty sure you will be able to get all of your files back after reading this article.


First of all, know this; you do need some high classed data recovery software to restore your files. That’s where Hdata Recovery comes into play. First of all, it is free to try and it has helped countless number of people to get their files back and I am pretty sure it can help you as well. Aright, so let’s jump into the procedure on how you can get your data back.


  1. Stop doing anything before you make a perfect plan.

Most of the times after you delete some files you start panicking and start doing many stupid things which makes the thing permanent. So before you do anything, please stop panicking and make some plans on how to overcome this. Even Hdata recovery experts says not to do anything with the external disks before your hard disk fails permanently.

  1. Do not go to the internet and download every data recovery tool. One is enough.

This is one of the most idiotic things many people do. After they deleted the files, they just go online and download every data recovery tool they could find. Trust me; you are doing more damage than finding solutions. One software is enough, try to find some tool which people are already using and has a good name in the market. Here is the official download link to Hdata recovery software: www.hdatarecovery.com/download

  1. Install the data recover software into a Flash Drive.

It is advised to install the data recovery software into a flash drive and Hdata recovery software also supports if you install it into an external disk or flash drive. But you need not to worry if you don’t have one because you can choose any directory in your computer and install it there.

  1. Absolutely don’t format your disk even if it recommends doing it.

Your system may ask you to format the disk but absolutely don’t do it. We recommend not doing anything after you realize your data is deleted. Doing anything after you deleted your files will only make the situation worse and it will become more difficult to get your files back.

  1. Backup your important files and data in some other location.

It is suggested that you do store your data and files in some other safe location before you perform any data recovery. Be it a flash disk or some other external disk. If you have none of them then you can get free cloud service online and back them up there.

  1. Thoroughly read the instruction of data recovery software.

Now, it is better to start your recovering process as soon as possible. But it is also important to read the important tutorials or tips of the data recovery software before you make any mistake. The tutorials of Hdata recovery software is clear and straight forward and it also teaches you how to recover deleted files from the hard drive within minutes.

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