Recover Deleted Files using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Hello Freaks, how are you doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to recover deleted files from computer or external hard drives.

External hard drives may not be the vital part of your PC but it is possibly the major part of your life. This is so because it may contain every digital image captured, your music collections, your favorite movies and all games and programs of your choice. Removable hard drives are No. 1 choice of everyone also because it is portable and capable to store large data and transfer the same from one place to another.  In case that hard drive is accidentally deleted or stopped working, it is even worse than losing money. There are certain mishaps that cause data loss in these hard drives when you deleted entire folder by mistake when you have to delete a file. Even worse, that folder is not found in Recycle Bin. There are many data recovery software which can restore your files back but we will be talking about how you can do it for yourself using EaseUS data recovery Wizard. In addition to that, files can be deleted from external hard drives due to other reasons like –

Reasons for Data Loss from External Hard Drive

  • Sometimes important data is erased from your external drive by you in place of unwanted file when it is connected to your PC
  • Your external hard drive is infected by Trojan horse, Worm and other viruses and these viruses have removed certain folders or files.
  • Improper handling of external drive also causes data loss. Using the same drive on Mac and Windows or sudden removal of hard drive from system while moving or copying files can also delete certain files
  • Other possible reasons like sudden power cut, improper handling, and hardware malfunction and application error are also responsible for loss of data.

But the question remains about how to recover deleted files? There are many solutions, we have many free file recovery software which can help to restore the files. We will discuss the procedure how to get your files back.

Steps for Data Recovery from External Media

  1. Boot your system as you do always but by connecting external hard drive.
  2. Download and install EaseUS data recovery wizard on your system. Don’t move or copy any file on external hard drive until you recover your lose file, or it will overwrite your important data.
  3. Launch the program. If files are accidently deleted on the external drive, click on the option ‘Deleted Files Recovery’. If your hard drive is accidently formatted or data is corrupted due to system crash, then click on ‘Lost Data Recovery’. Click on ‘Locate lost volume’ if you can’t access your hard drive or can’t locate the drive letter at all.
  4. Select physical or logical hard drive that you think it must have lost data. Physical hard drive is a complete hard disk and logical drive is a virtual drive or partition. Some logical drives are categorized into different partitions.
  5. Scan for the data by clicking on green check. It will preview all the scanned files on main interface from where you can select your data and recover it on your system. According to the health of external drive, data can be reinstalled.
  6. Send all the defective hard drives to hard disk repair shop. If any kind of mechanical issue is detected in hard drive, all you have to send the same to a repair expert to repair that hard drive.


It is as easy as that. So, I will recommend you to go ahead and visit EaseUS official website and check all the features yourself. I am sure you won’t regret it.

Hopefully you enjoyed and found this useful.
Stay tuned for more.

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