How To Recover Files From A Dead Computer

Recovering data from a dead computer is actually not that difficult as one imagines. When the computer dies out due to a software failure its files remain inaccessible but remain intact in the hard drive. Various companies follow normally a common method.


Ten steps to recover files

  1. The first step is to get a hard disc drive This is an external system device into which you can place a hard disc drive that can run into another computer through a USB port.
  2. The second step is to borrow a computer that is compatible as the old one. For example if one has Windows or Max then one must replace with another Window or Max. It must be ensured that it has enough space to accommodate the files one needs to recover from the dead computer.
  3. A Windows hard drive user can insert a Max into their computer which will be able to read but not write the contents of the hard drive if one does not install a separate driver.
  4. Removal of the hard drive is must from the dead PC. This can be done by unplugging and removing the battery. Turn it over and unscrew the screws. Unscrew the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive.
  5. The disc enclosure connector plate has to be removed and inserted into the hard drive interface. The adaptor can be pulled off thus ensuring connectivity between the drive and the enclosure connector plate.
  6. The hard drive must be inserted into the enclosure.
  7. With the help of a USB cable the external hard drive can be connected to a working computer. It must be ensured that the computer is on and an icon will appear once the drive is connected.
  8. It is mandatory to recover and explore old files by copying and pasting, clicking and dragging. Do remember this process could take a few hours to complete.
  9. Once this is done the window on the close dr5ive needs to be closed. The dead computer is still intact and will restart.
  10. Before selecting eject right click the USB icon. Now the old hard drive can be detached.

The process is fairly simple on desk tops but not so on lap tops. Especially closed lap tops which do not have to be opened. A computer repair shop or the help desk would help you with process. They can pull the hard drive and recover your valuable data for you. If one is willing to pay assuming the files are valuable then that is the only option.  However there is no guarantee that your data is recoverable.

One must back up of hard copies to avoid this scare. One has to go through the entire process of setting up a computer again but if the critical files are in more than one place then one need not worry in the personal computer appears dead as a ghost.

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