How to check transit times in Google Maps

Most of us are in a habit of using the local communication to reach at different places or at our workplace on time, one of the widest and commonly use mode of communication is the local or the metro trains. We often reach the station and sit watching the signage board which tells all the details of the trains but still one question strikes our mind, again and again, i.e. when is the train arriving at the station? Or what is the actual location of the train? And this makes it even more irritating when the signage board shows that the train is arriving in 10 minutes from past half an hour.


Why use the Google Maps?

Most of the people then tend to go to the inquiry section and ask for the current location where they get the same sought of response and some divert their minds in other activities such as playing games or watching movies on their smartphones. But there is a smart solution to find the transit times that too from the Google Maps app. The Google Maps service can tell you the desired transit time with all accuracy, to know the transit time you just simply need to follow a few steps.

How to see the Transit Times in Google Maps?

  1. Turn ON the GPS service of the smartphone along with the Data Connection. No, you need to open the Google Maps application from the device.
  2. When you do so, you will be directly landing on the Maps page. Now allow the Google Map service to find your actual location. When it finds your location, a blue circle will be seen on the screen showing your actual location on the map.
  3. Now you need to find out the specific location of which you need to know the transit times. Once you get the location you need to Tap on it so that all the details and profile of the area opens.
  4. Now you need to look for the transit lines that operate from that particular area. Then you need to select the section with the name of that particular city’s service.
  5. When you do this all the details of the trains arriving at your location will be displayed and then you just need to click on the desired train line and it will drop you to the page where all the transit details of the train line will be shown in detail.
  6. The transits will show the current location of the train and even the stops which it needs to make before reaching your station. Moreover, you even get the timings of the train and you can calculate the time of the train that when it will actually reach to your station and how much time will it actually take.

This feature of the Google Maps makes it, even more, easier for the once who are totally dependent on the train line for reaching their workplaces and offices for their jobs, people can now know that how much exactly do they have to wait without getting stuck with the signage board.

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