How to Download your Entire Google Search History


Everybody faces this problem sometime or the other. As this as happened to me innumerable number of times when we delete the search history and cannot retrieve it back. It becomes a very severe problem if we do not know how to get it back. It has resulted in the loss of many valuable data and unfortunately till now we had no solution to t but Google like always has made our lives much simpler. It has done things which couldn’t even imagine ever and now our search history is also available at our fingertips by just following some simple steps. If we systematically get through them, we can actually get the entire search history back of around a month or even more than that.

We have to go step up and follow the instructions very carefully. We first have to go to Google search history which the history page where all the things we have searched for gets displayed in a single list. The operating system of Google blog will help us doing this so as to enable us to find our own archives easily. It becomes simpler after this. We just have to search for the download option on the right side so the screen of the page and click on it.

After we are done downloading this date, it will be saved on our computers. We must be wondering what this data will be used for. It is simply used for creating an archive which will be our very own and when it has been created, Google itself will mail the entire archive in our personal email id. However we need to be very careful regarding all this as all the data is very sensitive and these procedures should be carried out only if we are alone or nobody is watching. To double protect our account by just following two-step verification we can secure it completely and keep it out of reach of any person who tries to get through our account. In any case we want to shift the data to any possible and convenient place we have to check all the criteria’s and terms for doing so to ensure that we carry forward everything with us without anything left behind for the intruders to hack it.

Now like always Google makes everything very easy for us we would see in front of our eyes that there is wide range of information available which is there for us to carefully read and go through and do not regard it like something which is unimportant or unnecessary. It provides us with those guidelines and information’s about our archives that we probably are aware of but to be on the safe side we should go over it once. Now when we are done with this cumbersome task we would reach are destination an option for creating archive will be at the end of the page which we have to click and our work is accomplished.

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