Windows 10: The Best Tricks, Tips, and Tweaks


Windows 10 is the word of the day going all around the town. Everyone is excited to use the new Windows 10 as it is much advanced fashionable and trendy as people call it now. While it is not very different from the other windows previews which we all have been using all over the world almost everywhere, in every homes and personal computers. As we see the windows 10 preview it looks the same but there are some other features which are undiscovered which we shall and cover and discover in our further article. Now this experience will be better than using any other windows before and after discovering the various tricks and tweaks we would not be able to stop ourselves to discover more with a wide range of new possibilities.

  • A new tab called Home has been introduced in windows 10 which instantly attracts us. This has made things so easy for that we actually have everything at our fingertips. Now we do not have to struggle to go various other folders for opening the computers or documents. Its available on the home tab
  • Gone are the days when you have to look around everywhere for putting documents on the recycle bin now u can put this file on the taskbar or the menu itself. Does life get better than this?
  • In the world where we want everything our way, well, we can even have the windows start menu as well. We can adjust the start menu of windows 10 the way we and in whichever way we like.
  • Cortana is something for which we had to search around everywhere but now it is just one click away. We can come across this in the technical preview itself.
  • We do not need to go anywhere in order to search for the notifications or anything else as it just comes up on the screen anytime we want. The toasts also are displayed on the screen anytime we want.
  • There are so many options of short cuts which are now available to us on our desktops that we would actually not be able to decide which one to choose from. We can view all our tasks virtually on the desktop itself and with quicker snapping. Just the windows tab let us to open the task bar in one simple step. The control arrow window key can help us switch the desktop in any possible direction be it right or left in any direction. The control key D windows key can lead to creation of a desktop which is new altogether and with the help of control F we can delete this newly created desktop anytime we want.
  • Everything has been improved in the new windows 10. A wide array of new features and a much improved and enhanced versions of all other previous systems is all here now available to all of us just at our fingertips.

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