How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview on Mac

Know How to Install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on MAC

Microsoft comes out with the new Windows 10 accumulating the smarter features for the users worldwide. However, the users need to follow a detailed review explaining the technical facts properly. It would help them to operate the system efficiently without facing any difficulties. Nowadays manifold laptops and computers are supported with the MAC operating system. Hence, it is essential to know how to install the complete technical preview on Windows 10 operating system on MAC.

Learn the Necessary Steps

Here you can get familiar with the complete process following which you can easily install the review on your laptop with MAC operating system:

  • Initially, you need to sign up for the Windows program from where you would receive the detailed manual along with the ISO image.
  • Visit the particular link and download the VM shell for the Windows 10 technical preview.
  • Next, you need to excerpt the Zip file to the parallels that help you throughout the installation process.
  • After you enter the Parallels folder, you can get the Windows 10 shell.pvm file. Double click on it and start copying.
  • You can see the next pop-up coming where you need to select the “don’t change” option.
  • The preview execution environment (PXE) would appear on your screen where on top of you can see the “Actions”. Select the option there and choose “stop” from the drop down menu that would discontinue the virtual system.
  • Go the “actions” again where you need to select configure option connecting to the image file. Explore the WindowsTechnicalPreview.iso that you already downloaded in the previous steps.
  • It appears as the time to initiate the execution of Windows 10 technical preview VM shell that runs on the simulated machine.
  • Go ahead with the installation where you need to choose the “Advanced install” option ensuring the flawless performance without any glitches.
  • Meanwhile, you need to install the parallel tools that you can easily find on the “Actions” tab mentioned in the foregoing steps.
  • Somehow, if your installation does not start on the virtual system you can go to the “This PC” option where you double click on the D Drive selecting “Parallel Tools”.
  • Proceed with the installation on your MAC operating system that would enable you to go through the Windows 10 technical review.
  • Finally, when all the set up files finish downloading you need to put off the virtual machine. Alongside, you are able to put a new name while replacing it to the configuration Window.

Overall, the above-mentioned points signify the complete installation process allowing you to get the entire technical preview on your system.

Gain the Practical Knowledge

After you read the complete steps, you can easily perform the installation comprehending the real time features. Going online you can get manifold images that explain the matter more clearly helping you to understand the complete fact. It helps you to carry out the process successfully completing the overall download. So, you can experience the real time usability of the Windows 10 operating system, the new invention from Microsoft.


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