Modes of Running Linux Operating Systems and Programs on Your Computer

Modes of Running Linux Operating Systems and Programs on Your Computer

People today often use Windows or MacOS as their computers’ operating systems. They are designed to offer utmost convenience for users, making computing look simpler than what it’s supposed to. Nevertheless, Linux shouldn’t be left behind as it also has features that many people need, resulting to more individuals using Linux OS and software today.


Linux as compared to others

Linux is perhaps an underrated operating system, but it offers more features that maximize computing experience at its finest. First, the operating system is offered at no cost being an open source OS version. Second, Linux doesn’t lose in terms of compatible programs as many developers come up with new software people need for daily computing. They have enhanced their interface that makes it easier to use for today’s computer owners since a lot are familiar with Windows and MacOS’ interface. With the similarity, using the programs will also be easier, allowing faster computing at all times.

Aside from people who wish to try this operating system and related softwares, many individuals are required to use the platform for program developing and testing. Hence, it’s crucial for them to have the operating system installed on their computers. The problem for starting Linux developers or users, however, is how they can install the programs and operating system in a computer without installing their original Windows or MacOS. If you’re among these individuals, here are some options on how to run Linux on your current operating system.

Install through accessory programs

Several accessory programs let you run Linux operating systems without uninstalling your current operating system. Examples of these are Wubi and AndLinux. These platforms will install Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, which will run your Linux-compatible programs like a joy.

You can download these platforms online by searching for it online. Since they are open source programs, you can download them on multiple websites and from developers’ pages aside from their homepages. After downloading, you can install and run them on Windows or MacOS or uninstall them whenever you need.

However, keep in mind that several points should be taken in mind before installing these platforms. First, check if the platform you’ll get is compatible with your computer’s current operating system. For example, some of these platforms are incompatible with Windows 64-bit OS. Several of them won’t work in Windows 8. It’s a must to check their details first before downloading to avoid inconsistencies.

Virtual operating system

Running Linux virtually is also a good option in using this operating system and running program. Instead of using Linux with your current operating system, running the program virtually means you’re setting a separate environment compatible for Linux. This is beneficial if you prefer to not consume memory or hard drive space in operating Linux programs. Several guides walk you through using these operating systems whenever you want to.

Linux programs and main platform can run on your current operating system. Simply choose your preferred mode and you will get the computer running in opening Linux-based software with ease.


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