How to remove the browser redirect virus

How to remove the browser redirect virus

One of the most obnoxious issues faced by the computer user is the browser redirect virus that creates lots of problems for them.  The program is created to generate the traffic to a particular site.  It helps to earn commission however continuous redirection could be a nightmare for the users. TDL4 root kits are responsible for the action because it is a boot sector virus and it leads to the malicious behavior.  The virus is responsible for collecting the business leads and tries to lure the victim in paying for the useless software. There are certain steps that are taken to eliminate the threat.


It is important to remove all the floppy disk, pen drive and DVD from the computer. Restart the PC and if you have installed XP, vista or 7 keep on pressing the F8 key till the advanced option appears.  Variety of menu items would appear on the screen and you should select the safe option with networking.  It is an important step because all the troubleshooting steps will take place from here.

The browser redirect Trojan leaves a copy of the root kit on the infected computer. It interferes with the windows start up process and causes browser redirects.  The TDSS killer is a very important application that should be downloaded to eliminate the virus.  Before executing the application, rename it so that you can run it without any hindrance.

Double click and launch the software which will display the welcome screen.  It is crucial to change the parameters and click on delete the TDLFS file system. The next window is involved with the scanning process which will finish after a period of time. In order to eliminate the infection click on the continue button and the TDSS killer will attempt to accomplish the task.

One of the best programs is RKill that would help to terminate the malicious process. Start the iexploer.exe and the program will run in the background. It will scan for the Trojan and would delete it after finding. One should remain patient because the process will take time since the application has to sift through different files and folders. When RKILL has completed the task, it will generate a log for the user. Rebooting the computer is not advisable because it will again restart the redirect virus.

The Hitman PRO application can prove to be very useful in removing the Trojan.  Click on the download link and copy it on the computer.  Once the software is installed, you should click on the next button to proceed ahead. The window will provide a list of malicious programs that have affected the computer. After the prompt, one can move ahead and delete the file.

Another method to remove the virus is to eliminate the infectious registry keys that cause problems.  Rogue Killer is the application which is able to perform the task. By scanning the files it is possible to find the source of the problem. Deleting it would go a long way in making the computer virus free.


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