How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one such tool of MS Office Suite, which enables you to organize and interpret every single piece of data.

To organize data in the graphical format, you need X and Y data points, which of course will be available to you. And creating graphs in Excel is also very simple.

What is difficult to achieve is that when you create a line graph in Excel, the lines by default are straight and are angled with sharp peaks. Creating a smooth curve along the transition or critical points is a bit of a hard job.

But not when you are well guided on the way.

The article here is all about giving you step by step guidelines about how to make a curved graph in Excel.

To explain to you the process, we need an example of a collection of data, to begin with.

Let’s take the following example given below.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (1)

Now go through the step by step guideline, and stick to the steps accurately to avoid any mishap.

Step 1. Choose and highlight the range of columns and rows as A1: F2.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (2)

Step 2. Go to the “Insert” tab, and then click on the “Line or Area Chart” option. Choose the “Line” option.

Step 3. After you choose any particular Line pattern, the chosen line graph pattern is added on the excel sheet with straight lines corresponding to all the data points given in the example mentioned above.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (3)

Step 4. Now to turn the peak points to smooth curved lines, right-click on the peak point and from the drop-down menu list, click on the “Format Data Series” option.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (4)

Step 5. Once the “Format Data Series” operating Windows turns up, click the “Fill and Line” category.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (5)

Step 6. Under the same category, go to the bottom of the Windows, and check the “Smoothed line” checkbox.

How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel? (6)

Now check the graph in the Excel data page, and you will find it smooth and more attractive.

Smoothed curve lines make your graphical data representation more prominent and fascinating.

It is also a clever idea to distinguish between multiple data curves on the same graphical plot.


Making curved graph lines is a direct approach to replacing the frequency polygon chart having peaks or sharp points with smoothed lines.

This not only helps you to get an enhanced version of the data representation but also allows you to pin-point the infinite data points within the smoothed portion of the curve along the X-axis.

I hope you had fun experimenting.

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