How to Encrypt the Files when you Back them up to Cloud

How to encrypt the files when you back them up to cloud

Security has become one of the important issues for all those people who want to secure their files and important data for further consent. If you are also worries about your files being seen or hacked, you need nothing but to encrypt the files while backing them up to cloud. If you had to compromise with security of your important data earlier when you saved your data in cloud, or other problems such as hacking of the user account or failure of cloud storage system, you should just know the way to encrypt your files earlier than saving them into cloud.

How does encryption work?

Encryption is nothing but a process of making your files unreadable through a password or encryption key so that nobody can read your files despite of gaining access to the data. Until and unless you apply certain encryption key for accessing to the file, you will find everything gibberish in the file. This is how encryption is an important and beneficial process to save your file from intruders.

Why to choose file encryption service?

File encryption service is good for security of your data and keeping it safe from other’s access. If you choose any company or service for encryption of your files, you need nothing but to do some research. Don’t forget to check out security policies offered by the encryption service provider. Moreover, search the realistic pace of your expectation regarding security of files. Keeping all these things on mind, you will be able to choose the right encryption service.

Ideas to encrypt the file

There are two easy ways to encrypt your files before saving them onto the cloud. First is to choose the cloud storage services through built in encryption and second is using a service for encryption of data. Check out the process of applying both of these ideas for saving your files safely on cloud –

Using built in or local encryption 

Using this method can make you change the entire setup of transferring files to certain service. So, you need to know more about the mechanism and suggest compromises you will have to do for the same. Don’t forget, that the cloud storage service provider will be able to decrypt your file in this case after encryption. For example, if you use one of the popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, you will find everything within a package and don’t need to worry about safety of your file and integrity.


Choose an encryption service


Utilization of an encryption service is another good idea to keep more control on your files and possess controls on the ideas of encryption and places where you will like to save the file. One thing to disappoint you about this option is that it can take much time for syncing your files in case you utilize third party app for encryption.

No matter, which option do you choose for storage and protection of your file, managing critical files becomes easier when you choose the right option.

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