Three Ways to Fix Windows 10 Password Problems

Is your Microsoft windows 10 password giving you plenty of problems? No, need to worry. We have found ultimate solution to problems. Microsoft has enforced tight security for machine running window 10. It is a good and convenient method, but on the other hand very risky too. Most of the people set window 10 log in password after a careful installation, and then forget the password. Now a day it is a common problem. Then they look for remedies to find out their password for accessing files and important folders. There are several ways to recover from window 10 password problems. The whole process is time consuming and requires specific tools for installation for the operation media.

reset windows password

Change Microsoft password:

If your Microsoft password is too difficult to type, just change the password to some simpler form which can be easy to remember. But choosing simple password would probably be risky, because online password faces the risk of hacking than the local ones. It should be long, complicated and difficult to guess. Letters used should be lengthy, Numbers used should also be complicated, and Punctuation marks should be used at intervals so, that it should not be guessed by anyone too easily. But, it should be easy to remember ant type. If you come across such password, simply go to WWW. If needed log in. Click your avatar in the upper right corner and select” View Account”. Simultaneously click to” Change password” and then follow the given instructions.

Use a PIN:

By using PIN you need not have to use Microsoft password to log in to widow 10. A doubt may arise in your mind that how a PIN can be safe which consists of only numbers, and to the contrary Microsoft password contains both letters (upper and lower case), numbers along with punctuations. You can stay local with the Pin, so it doesn’t travel to the internet, hence no question of hacking. Window 10 PIN is not restricted to only four digits. You can use six, seven or ten digits as per your wish. The longer the PIN, less easily it can be cracked. To make changes click your avatar at the top of the start menu and select” Change Account Settings”. Now select” Sign- in options” and then click to the “Add button” in the PIN section and then follow the given directions. This way whether it is your debit card number, or your lucky number, just few simple key strokes you have to keep in mind.

Use a local account:

Window 10 log on need not be a Microsoft account. It can be changed to local account. But few features you will not be able to use, like Cortana doesn’t work with a local account. So again you will have to log in to Microsoft account in the stored app. In order to localize the account open “Change Account Settings”. After finding your account, select” Sign in with a Local account instead”, and then you can sign in with the local account.

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