How to Remove Password from PDF

How to Remove Password from PDF

Password protected PDFs can be really inconvenient sometimes. Especially when you are thinking about sharing a PDF with other people you have to make sure that you remove the password. Now adding a password to a PDF file is very easy and can be done by almost everyone. The option is highly visible and the password setting procedure extremely easy. But on the other hand the process of removing a password from a PDF file is quite typical. A lot of people have claimed that they have successfully added a password to their PDF file but were unable to remove it with the same level of ease and convenience. For all those people out there who are unable to get rid of password protection of a PDF file, go through the following steps, they are easy and clear, and they will definitely help you to remove s password from a PDF file.


The steps for removing password from PDF files are as follows:

  • Step 1: The first step in order to remove password from a PDF file is to go to the “Batch PDF Documents Security” option. Once you find this option and select it you have to click on the “next button”.
  • Step 2: After clicking on the “next button” of the “Batch PDF Documents Security” option, a new window appears. Here you have to click on the “Add” button. The Add button will help you to add that particular encrypted PDF that you want to remove the password from. It is very convenient.
  • Step 3: The third step after addition of the encrypted PDF file to click on “Try Passwords” button. The try passwords button will begin to delete the PDF password. The Password pool will automatically try passwords under the surveillance of password security. This way the PDF password will very easily be removed.
  • Step 4: The fourth and the last step is to click on the “next button”. A Check Box for “Security level” will appear and you have to click on NONE.

Sometimes PDF files have other restrictions too which prevent you from using it conveniently. You can remove those restrictions quite easily too. They are not as trivial as people think they are. PDF files have quite easy settings which allow adding and removing changes quite easily. Only one step is required to remove all such restrictions from a PDF file. Go to the explorer section of the PDF file. Then you have to right click on the explorer section of the PDF file. A menu will pop up. In this pop-up menu you will find two options there: “Remove Restrictions” and “Remove Restrictions and Save As”. The second option is more convenient obviously because it will help you to save as the PDF as a new PDF file without any restrictions and limitations. Very easy isn’t it?

With the above two methods, password removal and restriction removal from a PDF file has been made very easy. These steps are clear, precise and easy to follow.

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