How to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords saved on your PC

Are you in a need to give your Wi-Fi password to your friend or a guest, but alas! You don’t remember it. Are you locked out of your PC because the computer has forgotten your password? No need to worry. It is just a minor problem. There are several simple techniques through which you can retrieve the password saved in your PC.

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Wi-Fi has brought magic in everyone’s life. It is supposed to be a boon for today’s world. Without it, our life will be impossible. It also makes up for the pains which it brings along with it. One of the greatest pains is forgetting password. People are in the habit of forgetting passwords every time. Most of us configure Wi-Fi network once in our homes. Enter password in all devices, and then completely forgets about the password. When we buy new Smartphone or any guest is in need of the password in his phone, then our attention goes towards it. Through following certain simple methods we can easily find out the saved Wi-Fi passwords. The thing should be clear that it is not a way to hack password. It is a crime and can lead to troublesome problems. The below mentioned methods are only to retrieve your own password saved in your personal computer.

Find the password in Windows:

To access password saved in your PC click on the network icon located in the system tray at the bottom of the right corner of the screen, after that click on “Open Network” and “Sharing Centre”. The window which opens up, you can click on “Change adaptor settings”. Right click on wireless adaptor and then from context menu click on “Status”. After opening of new window click on “Wireless Properties”. Under” Security “tab, you will see the type of password encryption and also your hidden Wi-Fi password. Click on “Show Characters” and you will be able to see the hidden Wi-Fi passwords. Copy and save it.

Use a dedicated tool:

Third party password recovery tool should also be used to retrieve the hidden password. Nirsoft works well in this situation. With the help of Nirsoft download the tool. Nirsoft is responsible for several free utility tools, including tools to show hidden passwords. Just down load the tool. The tool will be a collection of tiny files in zip format. Extract the file using appropriate tool, and launch the wireless key view programme. As soon as the programme starts working, you can visualise all the Wi-Fi passwords saved in your PC.

From the router’s settings:

Connect your PC to the router. Open the browser and type IP address of the router in search field. Online too, IP address of the router we get, by looking through the model of the router. After pressing enter key, enter username and password. User name will be” Admin” and the password will be “admin” or” password”. If both password option don’t work then click on login. After that look for “Wireless Settings “or “Wi-Fi settings”. You can also try clicking on “Settings” or “Options”. Once located, you will soon see your password key. Now, click on” Show wireless key” or show” Wi-Fi password” to find out the hidden passwords.

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