How to Find Save Wi-Fi Password iPhone or iPad?

Hello guys, how are you all doing? Today we are going to resolve another query from our visitors about how to find saved Wi-Fi password on iPhone or iPad, the password which you have forgotten after setting it earlier.

So we are going to employ three methods to help you out.

Here they come….

Method #1: Retrieve Wi Fi Password with Router Settings

If your iDevice is not jailbroken yet, then this method can definitely help you see the saved Wi-fi password with Router Settings.

In fact, there are few specific built-in features which can help you get the forgotten password.

The steps for the method are:

Step 1. First, go to “Settings” of your iPhone. Choose the Wi-fi option. Move to the “DHCP” tab and note down the IP address next to “Router” option.

Step 2. Now go to your iPhone Safari and enter the noted IP address to open the login panel.

Step 3. In the login panel, enter “admin” as username and password field. This is usually set by default by manufacturers. In case it does not work, you can Google any time to find the exact username and password for your iPhone model.

Once you are into login panel, you can easily look for the Wifi password here.

Method #2: Find Wi-fi Password using iCloud Keychain Sync

Since you prefer to use the same iCloud account on Mac and iPhone, then all your information including the Wi-fi password must be synced between your devices.

Thus follow the guideline below in steps to use this feature:

Step 1. Go to the “Settings” page of your iPhone and then tap on “iCloud” option.

Step 2. Next tap on “Keychain” to enable this feature.

Step 3. Now come back to the “Settings” page and again and enable the “Personal Hotspot” option.

Step 4. Access your Mac and connect it to your iPhone via iPhone’s Personal Hotspot which you have turned on just now.

Step 5. Press the “CMD + Space” keys combination to open your Mac’s “searchlight” feature.

Step 6. Type “Keychain Access” in the search field and hit “Enter”.

Step 7. Type the “networks” name and check the “show password” checkbox option adjacent to it.

Step 8. If you had set an admin account password in the first place on your Mac, enter it if asked and click “allow” to continue.

The Wi-fi password will clearly be shown before you.

Method #3: Find Wi-fi Password on Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

In this method, we would make use of a third party tool known as “Cydia”. You can easily get it online without much difficulty.

But this app will only work if your iDevice is jailbroken, otherwise not.

So this is what you have to do:

Step 1. Run the Cydia app from your iPhone and search for “Wifi Password”. Next tap on the “Install” button to continue.

Step 2. Once the installation is done, tap “Return to Cydia” option.

Step 3. Tap the Home button to return to iPhone’s home screen. Open the “Wifi password” app and all the connected networks and their corresponding passwords will be shown on screen.


The last method is very useful and direct, but only under the condition that your iDevice is jailbroken. There are several other apps also available besides Wifi password, like iSpeedTouchpad, Speedssid, Dissid. You can search them in Cydia and you will get it.

But if your iPhone is not jailbroken, then I would advise you to stick to the first two methods, since to jailbreak the iPhone sometimes turns out to be risky feat.

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