Swift Publisher. An affordable and easy-to-use InDesign alternative for your Mac.

If you are really looking for starting a professional career on graphical designing, then this article is a must read for you.

However, before we head to the direct discussion about Swift Publisher, you need to get a brief on what a Desktop Publishing Software is in real.

If you have a crude inclination towards designing and graphics, Desktop Publishing (DTP) software is what you are looking for.

What do they do?!

They are essentially designed for visual communication such as business cards, bi-fold, tri-fold brochures, flyers, disc labels, posters, greeting cards, etc.

There are several DTP software already available in market like Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXpress, Scribus, etc. The main production players are Corel, Microsoft, Adobe, Quark.

But here we would discuss Swift Publisher.

What is Swift Publisher?

The program is primarily designed by BeLight Software. Ltd.

It is a desktop publishing software, which provides all-purpose page layout tools and templates for designing of brochures, business cards and posters, web page layouts, address labels, covers, catalogs, envelopes, etc.

Check the salient features of the program to know it with more detail.

Swift Publisher Salient Features:

  1. It is compatible only with macOS devices running macOS version 10.12 or higher.
  2. It can design all sorts of layouts for brochures both bi-fold and tri-fold, flyers, catalogs, discs and covers, labels and envelops, etc.
  3. It is available with more than 500 templates.
  4. Swift Publisher comes with around 2000 free clipart images and 100 image masks. You can increase the numbers to 40000 clipart images and 100 additional image masks with $9.99 extra charge.
  5. You can view and edit two pages side-by-side providing convenient layout applications for newspapers, magazines, etc.
  6. Avails a huge collection of 2D, 3D art heading presets, which incorporates a professional outlook.
  7. Avails master page layouts also for repeating contents like common background layouts, headers and footers, page numbers, etc.
  8. Quickly access your computer media libraries from Finder, Apple Photos and Preview, use track data from iTunes.
  9. Customizable text styles available.
  10. Provides circular and vertical text tools while designing jewel cases and labels CD/DVD/ Blu-ray
  11. Extensive range of designing tools, gradient, shadows, built-in image editor, image masks, etc. are available.
  12. Features flowing text boxes to make your texts flow from one box to another to give an eye-catching dynamic look to the texts.
  13. Dynamic data fields and merge printing available to batch-print barcode labels and mailings, business cards, name badges, etc.
  14. Supports various image formats – PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, EPS.
  15. Compatible with various printers – HP, Epson, Canon, Zebra, Seiko, Brother, Primera and many more.

Sample Images of Swift Publisher:


As you can clearly see, Swift Publisher is an exception to designing front, supplying powerful editing tools with easy to understand graphic layout.  With availability in multiple languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, the scope of its usage has broadened over the recent years.

Make sure to get the right version from its official website before you embark on using it.

Till then, enjoy, learn more, and have fun.

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