Amadine – The Top Most Vector Graphics Software for Mac

If you are totally new to the graphic world, then few terms and turns of discussions may sound daunting to you. One of them is the difference between Raster and Vector Graphics.

Before we steer the topic discussion to the main part, it is highly necessary to know the distinction between raster and vector graphics.

Raster Vs. Vector Graphics

In a nutshell, raster graphics or images are non-line multicoloured images generally structured by subtle pixels or dots. Due to this, they suffer the malady of getting blurry or imprecise when zoomed in or magnified.

Coming to the rescue, Vector graphics or images are defined by geometric primitives such as lines, polygons, circles, rectangles, etc. They are best suited for structured images, and art graphics. And unlike Raster graphics they are not resolution-dependent.

What is Amadine?

Appeasing the real appetite at last, Amadine is actually a Vector Graphic designing software at the time only designed for mac OS. The iOS version is being developed.

It is the perfect nudge for creative minds, including both amateurs and professionals to try their creativity with clip arts, animations, drawings with cutting edge vector drawing tools which guarantees smooth and continuous learning curve formation.

It has both the free trial and the paid versions which comes with advanced tools to facilitate your work quality.

Amadine Key Features:

  1. It currently supports only mac OS devices running macOS 10.12 or higher.
  2. Utilizes juicy colours with fine and polished colour gradients and hue options.
  3. Avails pressure sensitive strokes to emphasize the stroke lines for specific point contrasts.
  4. Supports file formats like SVG, EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, etc.
  5. Saves vector graphics in SVG, PDF and EPS
  6. It gives you more than 30 tools for editing, drawing, selecting, slicing, and typing and many other operations.
  7. Transform shapes features like symmetrical distortion, free distortion, free transform, etc. are available.
  8. You can set zoom option up to 6400%.
  9. Capable of multiple artworks being situated in one template or document.
  10. Automatically arranges sheet on the canvas.
  11. Creates multiple layers and sublayers.
  12. Flips and shears vertically and horizontally.
  13. Live effects like outer and inner glow, outer and inner shadows are available.
  14. Import images directly from the media library, iPhotos, Aperture, iTunes.
  15. Ensure 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied, when purchasing from  the official website.
  16. Autosave documents in case of abrupt system shut down or power cut.
  17. Supports retina UI, touch bar, and 64-bit architecture.
  18. Features different style typography.

Artwork Samples created in Amadine:


If you really wish to create masterpieces trying digital tools, Amadine is the best solution to your creative hunger.

You can also export the documents once prepared to mailing servers, web sites, and social media platforms to showcase your skills.

Download it from its official website to avoid piracy, and try out new ideas with this amazing tool.

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