Be an Expert Home Designer with Live Home 3D for Mac

Haven’t you ever considered designing the floor plans of your new home all by yourself taking into note every intricate detail about how the walls should look, where the rooms should be and how to make more space for dining and sitting areas, etc. etc………?

Earlier, it was only a pesky job for the architect to do all the home construction planning. But these days, with the ever-increasing ambit of handy digital programs, things have become easier, faster and more efficient even for a novice to do the same all on his own.

The floor planning software, as we are about to discuss further in detail, comprises all necessary tools to create a virtual 3D pictorial view beforehand, helping you to foresee how your house would look after renovations, a simple paint-job or an interior design rejig.

The software we are about to discuss is Live Home 3D for Mac from Live Home 3D for Mac.

What is Live Home 3D for Mac?

It is an intuitive floor plan app for macOS platform, where people can devise their own floor plans before they hand over the idea to a constructor.

It helps you to draft a 2D plan which deliberately builds a 3D model providing a bridge between your ideas and visualization.

There is a whole built-in library of over 2000 3D objects from where you can choose couches, furniture, home appliances, kitchen sets, and other home items to integrate within the floor plan making it look more real. The app comes with more than 2100 materials.

You can get more items, decorations by importing your own objects, downloading them from Trimble 3D Warehouse or by purchasing additional collections.

Live Home 3D Salient Features:

  • The projects can be edited on macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Windows 10 devices.
  • Avails a wide range of 3D plans, virtual home items, decorative ideas, etc.
  • The prepared design can be exported to web sites, or shared among colleagues, friends, clients, etc.
  • The design image formats available are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PDF,
  • The 3D walkthrough feature gives you a virtual strolling experience through the designed plan.
  • The storage library is equipped with more than 2000 objects and 2100 materials. You can also create your own materials by importing an image.
  • Share options for social media include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Comes with multi-level floor plans to create multi-storeyed home projects (like the basement, ground floor, 1st floor and so on). Pro version is required for unlimited stories.
  • Quickly render your 2D floor plan to the 3D scene.

Live Home 3D design sample images:


Although, there are several other home designing software available on software distribution sites, the 3D floor plan functionality is one of its kind.

If you are willing to pay some bucks, the utility can avail more items than it does with the free trial version. But make such choices only when you need more items, given the fact that the item library already contains a huge amount of personalized furnishing and décor picks options.

Download the app, and explore your dream designs right in front of your eyes even before the structural arrangements take place in real.

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