How to Build a Home Entertainment Network

How to Build a Home Entertainment Network


Time has gone when Ethernet cable was piped into the walls of your room to pass on the strong bandwidth for internet access and watching movies on your TV. Wireless transfer of data and signals has done wonders to the latest entertainment technology which must be installed in your home to build an efficient home entertainment network. Current wireless networks are capable of handling every type of music, files, movies and TV programs that make your kids happy and pleased. There are only few things or equipments which need to be installed in your home in tandem with the PC connections and network router. You will have to follow the following steps that are mentioned below in order to build a genuine and capable home entertainment network.

Network Router

One of the essential components that need to be installed at the initial stage is the network router which will transmit the signals of required bandwidth. Of course, it will greatly depend on the operations you need through the network router which will define the allocations of bandwidth for television programs and internet access. At the same time, you will have to invest your time and energy in looking for the dual-bandwidth network router such as of D-Link, Linksys, Netgear or any other router which offers different bandwidth allocation of 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz for different home operations like programming on TV or accessing the internet. This type of router is always preferred because it helps to stream HD videos, music and movies with good range, speed and bandwidth allocation.

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Installing wireless network bridge

Well, you need to buy wireless network bridge for extending the networking signals without wires given your home is quite vast and rooms are located remotely. Such a network bridge will establish network connection to any type of hardware which is not compatible with wireless connection. This equipment comes with electrical sockets that can be fit into your walls which will further allow you to insert adapters for ensuring interruption-free network connection.

Look for excellent and vast media storage facility

Although it is quite possible to store all the files of music, movies and other things on the hard disc of your personal computer but it is much better and convenient to get all those files stored an any external media storage device. There is no denying the fact that this device will allow you to access every type of files. Such type of device comes with the facility of network-attached storage which is centrally installed for access of all files and thus; it will also save plenty of space on your hard drive of PC.

Connection of TV

The ultimate and final thing which needs to be done while building a home entertainment network is to connect your TV to the wireless system which will automatically retrieve the music or video files from the central storage device. And, what else you need now is to play your TV even in the kitchen or living room and juts enjoy your family!

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