How to Transfer Files between PC and Android Wirelessly?

How to Transfer Files between PC and Android Wirelessly?

Also find out How to  connect Android phones to PC for internet.

In this wireless and ultra mobile world, if you connect your Android Smartphone to your PC physically just for transferring data, it sounds quite ‘low-tech’. Today, in both businesses and homes, wireless networks are getting widespread with which multiple workstations can be connected to one another and to the web world. You can connect Android devices to Wi-Fi to access the web wirelessly but you cannot transfer files from them locally to another device on same network. Luckily, you can use several free and paid Android apps that can let you share your files to your PC by connecting to wireless network.


Applications to Connect Android Devices to PC Wirelessly

Wi-Fi File Transfer

With Wi-Fi File Transfer, you can connect your Android phone to the native file server on the nearest Wi-Fi network. Just enable this app and use a browser on your computer which is connected to same network and connect it to your mobile device. When it is connected, you can access the desired files on your mobile device and transfer files from your PC to the phone. You can also make this app password protected to avoid unauthorized access into your mobile device. You can get Wi-Fi File Transfer with upload limit of 4 MB to your device via wireless network or buy paid version worth $1.40 with unlimited support.

File Expert

This file sharing application comes with flexible and powerful capabilities of Wi-Fi. With File Expert, you can connect to your mobile device via web browser on your computer. In addition, your phone can also be connected to your computer’s shared resources. Moreover, this application can allow file transfer among two devices wirelessly, even without having wireless network established. It is possible only when File Expert is installed on both devices. You can download File Expert for free.

Wireless File Transfer Pro

With Wireless File Transfer Pro, you can get connected to your device via browser installed on your local PC just like Wi-Fi File Transfer. It also comes with local file manager with which you can edit any file in this app and browse files from your device. This application also supports installation of application wirelessly. From the Android Market you can download this application for free.

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

Android Sync Manager transfers files by using a different approach. Being a two-sided system, it requires downloading one program loaded on your PC and another one loaded on your Android phone. When your computer and your Android device are connected to a single wireless network at planned intervals, it will automatically sync all your contacts, files, messages and all your information between your phone and your PC. You can get it for free from the Android Market.

Fast File Transfer

In case you don’t have Wi-Fi network and you have files to transfer, then you can use this application. It builds a Wi-Fi Hotspot any one device and allows other device to connect to it. Again, this application should be installed on both devices.

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