How to Connect Windows Phone to PC for Internet?

How to Connect Windows Phone to PC for Internet?

Earlier we  have discussed How to connect android phone to PC for Internet and also How to connect nokia phone to PC for internet. Now I received a huge request to write about this. So here it goes.


Windows Phone has become a most anticipated mobile platform like Android. In the initial release, several commentators were confused with oversight of its functionalities like tethering and copy/paste. Due to the omission, the platform was arguably punished and resulted in bad reviews. Even worse, LG and Samsung launched the devices with tethering in order to compete with Windows Phones. Since then, Microsoft considered these problems and resolved them in the latest release. New devices of Nokia, HTC and other next gen devices now come with Windows Phone 7.6 “Mango”. Even better, you can upgrade older models with this platform and make wireless tethering accessible. With it, you can connect your Windows Phone to your PC for wireless internet connectivity.

About Wireless Tethering

Luckily, wireless tethering has become possible for the users of Windows Phone. This feature has significant benefits. In older days, you might not have wireless functionality to access closest wireless connections even with having netbook, tablet or laptop. It is due to wireless tethering with which Windows Phone can easily be used like a Wi-Fi hotspot for internet connectivity.

However, you need to consider some important things. First one is that you may easily get higher internet bill than your affordability if you don’t have unlimited usage plan on your mobile phone. So, it is better to check your plan before you proceed.

Second most important part to keep in mind is that your mobile battery can drain off easily because wireless tethering takes more power. Hence, users are advised to use it only for short time if possible. Or keep charging your device.

Connecting to the Web

The upgrade of wireless tethering by Microsoft has been done so silently that you might not notice that your Windows Phone has this feature. Open “Settings” menu to start by using this feature. On Start Screen, you can also find wireless tethering or you can tap the right arrow or swipe left to use this function. Once you open Settings menu, activate both 3G connection and Data Connection on Mobile Network. If you want fastest data connection, you should activate 3G connection. Tap these options to enable them. They will be matched with current accent of your phone and they highlight once activated.

To continue with changes, select “Back” button. In Settings menu, you will have to search for the option of Internet Sharing. In the same screen, tapping on this button will provide wireless tethering.

Wireless function of your phone will be activated by enabling wireless tethering. This is the main reason that affects battery life.

Now a few instructions will be displayed on the Internet Sharing screen. It will suggest you to share mobile data connection with over 5 guests. To share your connection, it will provide a default broadcast name with password.

Connecting to Wireless Hub of Your Windows Phone

Default options are not required to be used. Configure broadcast name of your own and tap Setup button in the field and rewrite the default name. Your password must be 8 characters long and tap OK button once done. After activating internet sharing and setting up the options, now you can make your device a Wi-Fi router. Windows Phone wireless tethering provides benefits to all desktop computers and laptops, e-reader and tablet. All it has to identify the broadcast name and password of the device.

Considerations Regarding Security & Battery

Despite advanced flexibility offered by wireless tethering, it includes some usual downsides. Battery life is the first disadvantage. The more devices you connect to Windows phone, the more the processing of data and more dependability on Wi-Fi and mobile internet. Within just 1 hour, battery of your phone can drastically discharge. Even with having password-free, open connection, you should not use this option if you are not in a completely remote area. Next most important thing to consider is that you shouldn’t share it with unauthorized individuals even if your billing will be made according to data usage. Irrespective of the issues of battery drainage, wireless tethering is a greatest upgrade. It is fast and relatively user friendly.

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