How to Uninstall Babylon 9

How to Uninstall Babylon 9

What Is Babylon 9?

Babylon9 is able to provide us with a quick online as well as an offline dictionary along with translation software which will be able to translate in over 75 languages with the help of just one simple click. It is software which is being used by many private users and organizations all over the world. As there is a lack of a removal tool which will be able to uninstall this program, it’s best to do it by trying the Control Panel under Windows XP to remove it.


Closure of all browsers

Ass your first step, you should make it a point to close all of the browsers which are running.

Head to the control panel

By pressing Start, you can go to the Control Panel

Select the remove program

Your third step would be to go the Add / Remove Program as it will be from here that you will be able to uninstall the program and its toolbar.

Head to the tool bar

Now you are ready to open the browser and go to the Tool bar menu. It is from here that you should search for the Internet Options so that you can easily clear out the add-ons of Babylon9 from all of the browsers.

As an example in order to remove the add-ons of Firefox ‘s software, perform the following steps:

  • Start your browser
  • Go the Tools
  • Add the ones to start the add-ons along with the extension manager
  • Go the Babylon entries
  • Now click on the Remove option (If you are unable to find the Remove option, click on the Disable option).

Restart computer

You are now ready to restart your computer.

Perform a search

In this step you are ready to go to My Computer in order to perform a search. Your job here will be to locate the keyword “Babylon”. You will have to delete all of the folders and the files related to Babylon 9. You will have to keep on performing a search option as a well as deleting all of the files which are related to the program until they are all gone.

Recycle Bin

Your next task would be to empty the recycle bin.

Restart your computer.

After having performed the above task, you should restart your PC.

Choice of a Registry Cleaner

It is really a very stubborn ad a difficult task to remove Babylon 9. The reason for this is that even after you have managed to remove all of the files which are related to the translation software, you will still come across some registry entries which have been left behind. It is therefore very important that you make use of a registry cleaner which will be able to clean away these entries. You will have to very careful while you are selecting a registry cleaner. The reason for this is that the problems can occur if you are using the wrong one. Your best option would be to prepare a back-up for your registry.



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