How To Uninstall Any Software By Right Click

If you are a geek and always curious to know about the latest softwares coming everyday over the internet as a helping hand for you and makes functionality of your system more proficient so you must install them to check their performance.

But the most irritating part is when you have to visit  the control panel of your system number of times whenever you want to uninstall any software because you don’t need that software or you don’t like it anymore.

So guys , today I am sharing with you the way how I uninstall softwares from my PC. It is  simple just takes a right click on the shortcut icon of the software you want to uninstall and the very second option is to uninstall it. Isn’t it so simple and quick ??

Here are the steps to be followed :


First of all Download and Install This software on your pc.

After downloading the software you will see the installation screen .Do follow the normal steps as you install other softwares.


Now Right click on Icon of any desired program which you wish to uninstall.


After doing step 2 a window will appear, now just click on STANDARD UNINSTALL option.

That’s all you have done !!

Software will be uninstalled automatically.

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